Bucks-Lakers: Bogut has a challenge

I cannot tell you how much I wish I were going to tonight’s Bucks-Lakers game.  There’s just something cool about it when the Lakers or Celtics come to town.  I suppose the Bulls too, but the incongruous nickname “Lakers” just means “basketball”.

In tonight’s game, the immovable object (the Bucks defense) shall oppose the irresistible force (the Lakers offense).  A quick look at my most recent “NBA Power Index” shows the Lakers have the best offense in the NBA, and the Bucks have the best defense.  It will be interesting to see which prevails.  I suspect the two will meet somewhere in the middle.

John Salmons will have his hands full with Kobe Bryant, but the real matchups to watch will be Andrew Bogut-Pau Gasol and Drew Gooden-Lamar Odom.  If you saw my last post you will know that both Gasol and Odom are playing spectacular basketball at the moment.  Each is a superstar in his own right.  Gasol is starting to get the recognition he deserves, I don’t think Odom ever will.

But let’s focus on Gasol.  He is a beast and a half.  And he seems to always give Andrew Bogut problems due to his length and agility.  He is a rebounding machine with a seemingly endless bag of low post moves.  But Bogut is a clever cleaver, and he is not easily discouraged.  Bogut has had only one “bad” game this season for the Bucks, and I think at the end of the game we will find his marginal production will be decent.

Another key to watch will be the reserve small forwards.  The Bucks Corey Maggette must play better.  He must shut down the production of Los Angeles reserve small forward Matt Barnes, or at least match it.  If he can, the Bucks might find their way to a win.     

However, if you go by the numbers so far this season, they say the Lakers will win by the following score:

Los Angeles 100

Milwaukee 96

Basketball-Reference also makes the Lakers a slight favorite.  But, the Milwaukee Bucks have beaten the odds before, so we shall see.  It should be a good NBA basketball game.

One Response to “Bucks-Lakers: Bogut has a challenge”

  1. Chicago Tim Says:

    I would wish the Bucks luck, but, well, you know. I do wish the Bucks good health, though. And I hope the Lakers have a tough road trip before returning home to play the Bulls. How about triple overtime?

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