Rough defensive night for Salmons, Gooden

I just calibrated the “Defensive Win Scores” for each Milwaukee Bucks player who participated in last night’s loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.  (Essentially I’m calculating the Win Score production of each Laker while he was being guarded by a certain Bucks player and then alloting that production to the particular Buck.)  

By the measure of DWS, John Salmons and Drew Gooden of the Bucks had rough defensive nights.

John Salmons played 36 minutes in last night’s game and the Lakers he guarded recorded 15.5 Win Score points.  That cannot happen, especially when Luc Moute was assigned to Kobe Bryant most of the night while Salmons guarded the Lakers small forward.

Drew Gooden also continued to struggle on the defensive end.  It appears as though he is no longer able to adequately defend power forwards.  Last night Gooden had an outstanding game on the offensive end, but on the defensive end he surrendered 14.5 Win Score points in only 33 minutes of court time.  That is way too many.  (Addendum:  I just calculated Gooden’s OWS for the game.  It was 21.0.  If he’s going to produce like that, he can play whatever defense he wants.)

Meanwhile, center Andrew Bogut had an unusual defensive night.  He surrendered 6.5 Win Score points to Pau Gasol during his first court “stint” which was roughly the first eight minutes of the game.  I thought he was going to get eaten alive by the Spaniard.  Not so.  Bogut immediately stabilized.  I told you he is a clever cleaver.  From that stint onward, Bogut surrendered -0.5 Win Score points, while mostly guarding Gasol.  Outstanding. 

I remember two or three years ago when Gasol was with Memphis and Bogut was just a young pup, Bogut tried a move on Gasol and Gasol just stuffed it.  It looked as though Bogut did not belong on the same court as Gasol.  Not anymore.  Last night Bogut spun on Gasol and buried a beautiful left handed hook shot, and Gasol was left to shake his head.  Bogut is establishing himself as one of the better centers in the NBA.  What a tremendous draft choice he has turned out to be.

I need to mention two other players.  Point guard Brandon Jennings had a nice night on the defensive end.  And while G Keyon Dooling sucks on the offensive end, he has been consistently magnificent on defense.  I wish I kept a count of how many times each Bucks player recorded a negative DWS, because Dooling has racked up quite a few and last night was no exception.  Dooling’s numbers are bad overall, but you cannot fault his defense.


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