Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart through Game 13

Below is the latest Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart, updated after yet another painful loss, this time to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night. 

Once again, the Bucks played good, hard defense, but once again they seemed incapable of scoring a basket when they needed to do so.  Its like watching the professional version of “Dick Bennett at Wisconsin”. 

Not surprisingly, given the team’s 5-8 record, only four of the Bucks players are currently playing “winning basketball”, meaning that only four of the players have produced a surplus number of the statistics that lead to wins (“Win Score”).  What is surprising is that one of those players is PF Drew Gooden.  I get on his case, but he has tightened his game up on both ends of the basketball court and deserves credit for his accomplishments. 

Another player who deserves credit for what he is doing on the court is center Andrew Bogut.  Bogut is a player who is playing with virtually one arm, and because of that he continues to struggle with making baskets.  But the rest of his game is being played at a very high level.  His defense in particular has been remarkable, and so has his rebounding.  However, teams are beginning to notice he cannot even shoot close-in shots with his dominant right hand.   He is the one-armed bandit.  How long before teams try to take his left hand away from him completely?

Veteran pick-ups SF Corey Maggette and G/F John Salmons both continue to struggle.  Given their ages, their struggles are growing more and more troubling, Maggette’s in particular.  Maggette is way off his career marks, and it appears Coach Scott Skiles has lost confidence in him.  The Bucks were desperate for offense on Saturday night, Moute was not playing very good defense on James Harden, and still Scott Skiles played Maggette only 14 minutes. 

Milwaukee Bucks
Win Score
Win Contribution
Player Winning
A Bogut 5.0 +3.22 1.8__(-0.1) +0.415 1.049%
D Gooden 4.4 +1.30 1.0__0.4 +0.137 .723%
B Jennings 1.1 -0.18 0.9__1.0 -0.026 .471%
C Delfino 2.4 +1.30 0.8__0.2 +0.101 .723%
J Salmons 2.3 -1.09 0.6__1.2 -0.148 .317%
LRM Moute 3.7 -0.56 0.5__0.8 -0.056 .407%
E Ilyasova 4.2 -0.37 0.4__0.5 -0.027 .440%
E Boykins 1.0 +0.21 0.2__0.2 +0.007 .539%
C Maggette 3.2 -1.72 0.2__0.9 -0.145 .210%
K Dooling 1.8 -2.25 0.1__0.7 -0.141 .120%
J Brockman 4.9 -2.52 0.1__0.3 -0.081 .079%
L Sanders 4.7 -4.50 0.0__0.2 -0.067 -.261%

MWS Record: 6.6__6.4


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