Laying blame for an embarrasing Bucks loss

The Bucks have hit rock bottom after tonight’s beat down at the hands of the Detroit Pistons.  Normally the Bucks play solid defense and no offense.  Tonight they didn’t bother with the defense part, which makes them basically the Timberwolves.

There was one good thing to come out of tonight’s game.  Rookie Larry Sanders had his second exceptional game in a row, and he has totally turned his season numbers around.  Check back with me next week to see if this is a permanent trend.

Anyway, I went through the transcript from tonight’s debacle and assessed Win Score points to each Bucks player and charged them with the Win Score points produced by the Pistons player they were assigned to guard.  If you are not familiar, if a player produces a negative marginal Win Score, meaning the opponents he was guarding posted more win score points than he, that tends to make it less likely the player’s team will win the game.

As you can see below, John Salmons continues to struggle, and Corey Maggette returned to his non-defensive mode.  There is another player whom I have praised in the past whom I cannot praise anymore, Keyon Dooling.  As you will see when I post the next Bucks Win Chart, he is the most harmful player on the team.  He is normally a stout defender, but his total lack of offensive production leaves him no margin for error.  He almost has to completely shut his opponent down in order to have a positive impact.  Too often he has not done that, and the negative numbers are piling up against him.

Where are you Carlos Delfino???  The Bucks need you in the biggest way.

Milwaukee Bucks Minutes Win Score Opponent 

Win Score


Win Score

Salmons 31:00 0.0 8.5 (-8.5)
Jennings 37:00 2.5 3.0 (-1.5)
Ilyasova 34:00 12.0 8.0 +4.0
Sanders 31:00 12.0 5.0 +7.0
Maggette 25:30 5.5 11.5 (-6.0)
Dooling 22:00 (-4.0) 3.0 (-7.0)
Gooden 21:00 (-1.5) 3.5 (-5.0)
Moute 21:00 3.0 4.5 (-1.5)
Brockman 10:00 6.0 1.5 +4.5
Boykins 8:30 2.0 1.5 +0.5

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