Bogut, Sanders, and a bunch of underachievers

Andrew Bogut is having the worst shooting performance of his career so far this season (I think his elbow is much worse than he is letting on), and yet he is having by far and away his best season.  Why?   Because he is cooking straight from the Bill Russell recipe book.  Rebounding and stifling defense.  Bogut is completely controlling the backboards and he is rendering opposing centers utterly non-productive.  Look for a moment at his “production by position” page on  You will notice opposing centers are shooting just .328% against the Australian.  That is unheard of.  His defense is on the level of Nate Thurmond, Bill Russell, and Willis Reed… and I’m not exaggerating.  If Bogut does not make the All-Star team this February (assuming his play continues at the same level) there should be an investigation.

As for the rest of the team, I wouldn’t give a warm bucket of spit for most any of them, save for rookie Larry Sanders, who has shown some promise.  Otherwise, almost every other Bucks player would be getting a failing grade from me at this point in the season, and remember, we are nearly a quarter of the way home.

Based on where they should be producing versus where they are producing, maybe Ilyasova and Gooden would get “Cs”, but that would be it.  The rest would get “D’s”, “Fs”, and “Incompletes”.  No healthy players besides Bogut and Sanders are even performing up to their average standard.  Every other Bucks player is below his own norm.

Last night Brandon Jennings had perhaps his worst game in a Bucks uniform.  He was DEMOLISHED by the run-of-the-mill point guard Carlos Arroyo.  While Jennings was on the court, the opposing point guards recorded (+14.0) win score statistics to his (-3.0).  While backups Keyon Dooling and Earl Boykins were on the court, the Heat point guards recorded (-5.0) win score statistics.  An embarrassing effort by Jennings.  Simply embarrassing.  He has been a disappointment this season so far, and he needs to step things up.  I expected him to take a step forward, and he has — if anything — stepped back.

Which would be an improvement for John Salmons.  I’m about to stick a fork  in him.  When will he notice that the season has begun?  Is he completely shot?  Was he playing for a contract last season and now cadillacing?  What the hell is going on with him??  The Bucks were better off with Charlie Bell on the floor, or at least no worse off.  No Bucks player has done more harm to the team than Salmons.

Finally, I’m getting about sick of Ersan Ilyasova’s “one night on, one night off” routine.  Get some consistency, man!  Are you just a stiff who prays on poor competition, or are you the burgeoning star we thought you could be?  Its time to man up or sit down.  I’m sick to death of your “1 for” shooting efforts.  The basket stays in the same exact spot every night!

Anyway, here are the Bucks gruesome numbers:

Milwaukee Bucks
Win Score
Win Contribution
Player Winning
A Bogut 5.0 +4.20 2.4__(-0.4) +0.420 1.215%
B Jennings 1.1 -0.80 1.1__1.8 -0.116 .366%
E Ilyasova 4.2 +0.00 0.9__0.9 +0.000 .502%
D Gooden 4.4 +0.33 0.9__0.7 +0.027 .559%
C Delfino 2.4 +1.30 0.8__0.2 +0.067 .723%
LRM Moute 3.7 -0.71 0.8__1.3 -0.076 .381%
J Salmons 2.3 -1.69 0.6__2.2 -0.236 .215%
L Sanders 4.7 +0.63 0.6__0.3 +0.030 .609%
C Maggette 3.2 -1.46 0.4__1.2 -0.116 .254%
E Boykins 1.0 -0.62 0.2__0.3 -0.017 .398%
CD Roberts
J Brockman 4.9 -2.06 0.1__0.6 -0.076 .153%
K Dooling 1.8 -2.47 0.1__1.2 -0.162 .083%

MWS Record: 9.1__10.9


4 Responses to “Bogut, Sanders, and a bunch of underachievers”

  1. Chicago Tim Says:

    Bogut may be playing great defense, but should he really rank ahead of Horford, Howard, and Noah on the All-Star ballot?

  2. tywill33 Says:

    My thought is that Noah and Horford would be considered power forwards. Yes, they play center almost exclusively, but Tim Duncan set the precedent — hybrid “power centers” are considered at their natural position when it comes to All-Star selection.

    Actually, what are they on the All-Star ballot?

  3. tywill33 Says:

    No, they’re centers on the ballots, I stand corrected! Well, then we have a horse race. Bogut is certainly playing well enough for strong consideration. See me again in January

  4. Dan Says:

    Bogut was interviewed on NBA TV after the Orlando win when he had all those free throw issues. They asked him if his arm was bothering him and without sounding like he was making an excuse, he did admit that his elbow was the main culprit when it comes to his shooting woes. He said that it pops out of place. Damn.

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