Awesome Aussie continues to carry the Deer

Andrew Bogut’s great season continued last night.  The Australian big man put up Bill Walton numbers against the Houston Rockets, and that helped carry the Milwaukee Bucks to their second straight victory.

The only Bucks player who struggled last night was rookie Larry Sanders.  Sanders has had two terrible games in a row, and as a result his win numbers have flipped back into the negative zone.  I thought that might happen, which is why I tried to check my comments.  I imagine Sanders will be up and down all season.

One final point.  John Hollinger created a statistic I love called “True Shooting Percentage”.  I love it because it incorporates both field goal percentage and free throw percentage in proper proportion and thereby fully expresses each player’s scoring effectiveness.  The NBA average TS% is, I believe, 54% or so.  Meaning, the average NBA player can produce at least a point per possession used.  None of the Bucks starters, however, have a TS% over 51%, with all but Brandon Jennings under 50%.  The rookie Larry Sanders is particularly inefficient, with a ridiculously low TS% of 41%.  Those numbers have to improve if the Bucks are going to do anything.

Milwaukee Bucks
Win Score
Win Contribution
Player Winning
A Bogut 5.0 +4.23 2.8__(-0.5) +0.447 1.221%
E Ilyasova 4.2 +0.76 1.3__0.8 +0.074 .632%
B Jennings 1.1 -0.62 1.3__1.9 -0.090 .397%
D Gooden 4.4 +0.33 0.9__0.7 +0.024 .559%
LRM Moute 3.7 -0.77 0.9__1.5 -0.083 .370%
C Delfino 2.4 +1.30 0.8__0.2 +0.061 .723%
J Salmons 2.3 -1.38 0.8__2.3 -0.197 .268%
C Maggette 3.2 -1.27 0.5__1.2 -0.099 .287%
L Sanders 4.7 -1.03 0.3__0.8 -0.052 .327%
CD Roberts
E Boykins 1.0 -0.62 0.2__0.3 -0.016 .398%
J Brockman 4.9 -2.06 0.1__0.6 -0.067 .153%
K Dooling 1.3 -2.41 0.1__1.3 -0.156 .094%

MWS Record: 10.3__11.7


One Response to “Awesome Aussie continues to carry the Deer”

  1. Blake Says:

    Bogut is playing unbelievable right now, is Dwight the only center playing better than him?

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