Hey Manu, what’s Spanish for “traveling”?

Please watch a replay of Manu Ginobli’s game winning shot against the Milwaukee Bucks last night.  If that is not traveling, then the rule should be revoked.  Ginobli literally jumped backwards to avoid the outstanding defense of Luc Richard Moute.  When a player leaves his feet with possession of the basketball, he cannot return to the floor with possession still intact.  That is traveling.

What pisses me off is, referees will ignore obvious travel moves like the “Hop Back Jumper” or the “European Cross Over”, but they are obsessed with constantly calling rinky dink violations when a player catches the ball, faces up, and then attempts to drive from a stationary position.  To me those type of violations are just technical travels (the violation is that the dribble does not hit the floor before the player’s pivot foot is lifted off the floor) whereas the examples I gave provide an advantage to the player.  If referees insist on selectively enforcing rules, they ought to discriminate based upon advantage, not technicality.

Anyway, it was a great game and a great effort by the Milwaukee Bucks last night.  Very entertaining.  And isn’t Chris Douglas Roberts, aka “The Masked Man”, fun to watch?  I love his drives to the basket.  They are almost Marques Johnson-like.   

Also, I was looking at Andrew Bogut’s right arm last night, the one that was injured.  I might be imagining things, but to me it looks funky, like the joint is still messed up.   Does anyone else see that?  Clearly, Bogut is nearly a one-armed player.  And yet he is having a great season.  That’s a tribute to him.  I wish he would stop flopping though, especially against players like Tim Duncan.  They will rarely call that, and it leaves the opponent with an easy lay-up.


One Response to “Hey Manu, what’s Spanish for “traveling”?”

  1. brgulker Says:

    Bum deal. Pretty obvious missed call… awful.

    Just so you know, I read your blog regularly. I don’t comment a lot during season, well, because I’m not a Bucks fan 🙂

    But I couldn’t resist the urge to do some Amare hating!

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