Jennings not playmaking (Bucks Win Chart through Game 24)

If you are following the saga of the 2010-11 Milwaukee Bucks, as described or interpreted by Marginal Win Score, I have the team’s Win Chart through Game 24.  I really have nothing new to comment on.  Oh wait, yes I do.

Corey Maggette is falling completely out of the mix in Milwaukee.  With the rise of Chris Douglas Roberts, I feel that once Carlos Delfino comes back Maggette will be the odd man out.  Thus the Bucks need to get rid of him.  What good is he to the team now or in the future?  He doesn’t fit defensively and he’s not producing consistently on offense.  At the same time, he may still retain what I call “perceived value” around the Association.   Lets see what he can bring back.  I would assume the Bucks brass are already doing this.

Finally, the issue of Brandon Jennings.  He is struggling.  At this point in his career, Jennings is not a good scorer.  He needs to concentrate on setting up his teammates.  He needs to take a Jason Kidd approach.  He needs to stop thinking he is the Bucks top scoring option.  That shouldn’t be his role. 

To illustrate my point, Hoopdata keeps a statistic called Assist Rate, which  measures the number of possessions a player uses that end in assists.  Basically its comparing how often a player decides to pass rather than shoot.  At the moment, Brandon Jennings Assist Rate is 20.93, which is near the bottom of their rankings of all players they consider “point guards”.  It ranks below shoot-first, quasi Point Guards like Gilbert Arenas, Jarrett Jack, and Stephen Curry.  It is well below the Assist Rate posted by top NBA point guards like Rajon Rondo (48.76%), Jason Kidd (42.34%), Chris Paul (38.76%), and Steve Nash (35.29%). 

In fact, its too close to the average Assist Rate posted by players HoopData categorizes as “shooting guards” (15.18%).  It should be closer to, and ideally above, the average found for “point guards” (27.15%).  I feel like Jennings lack of playmaking is hampering the offense.  I believe he is currently acting as a shooting point guard (which I hate), rather than a playmaking point guard (which I love).  We shall see.

Here is the Chart:

Milwaukee Bucks
Win Score
Win Contribution
Player Winning
A Bogut 5.0 +4.13 3.2__(-0.5) +0.456 1.203%
E Ilyasova 4.2 +0.92 1.6__0.8 +0.091 .659%
B Jennings 1.1 -1.02 1.2__2.3 -0.151 .329%
LRM Moute 3.7 -0.75 0.9__1.6 -0.078 .375%
D Gooden 4.4 -0.11 0.9__0.9 -0.008 .484%
C Delfino 2.4 +1.30 0.8__0.2 +0.056 .723%
J Salmons 2.3 -1.44 0.8__2.5 -0.196 .257%
CD Roberts
0.5__0.3 +0.031
C Maggette 3.2 -1.51 0.4__1.4 -0.112 .245%
L Sanders 4.7 -1.53 0.3__0.8 -0.072 .242%
K Dooling 1.3 -1.74 0.3__1.4 -0.122 .206%
E Boykins 1.0 -0.93 0.2__0.4 -0.023 .344%
J Brockman 4.9 -1.45 0.1__0.6 -0.043 .255%

MWS Record: 11.2__12.2 Total Win Contribution

10.9__13.1 Projected Record


One Response to “Jennings not playmaking (Bucks Win Chart through Game 24)”

  1. EvanZ Says:

    Low blow lumping Curry with Arenas. Curry is almost always the best scoring option the Warriors have. If any point guard in this league should be shoot-first, it’s Curry. He’s doing his job correctly.

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