Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart (Game 33)

Here is the new Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart, through the Orlando loss.  The Opp Win Score numbers are calculated using the defensive observations on 82 games, the Win Score numbers are based on the statistics compiled at :

  WS OppWS MWS W% W__L
A Bogut 12.59 9.67 1.51 0.761 3.0__1.0
C Delfino 7.33 4.07 1.63 0.779 0.8__0.2
J Salmons 3.55 7.82 -2.14 0.141 0.7__4.0
B Jennings 5.79 7.91 -1.06 0.329 1.2__2.5
L Moute 7.56 6.04 0.76 0.639 2.2__1.2
E Iyasova 8.81 8.77 0.02 0.511 1.7__1.6
K Dooling 2.98 4.91 -0.97 0.341 1.0__1.9
C Maggette 3.88 8.34 -2.23 0.129 0.3__2.0
D Gooden 9.61 13.11 -1.75 0.222 0.5__1.5
CD Roberts 4.18 5.08 -0.45 0.431 0.7__1.0
L Sanders 7.47 7.61 -0.07 0.491 0.7__0.8
E Boykins 4.41 5.26 -0.43 0.429 0.6__0.7
J Brockman 9.62 6.51 1.56 0.768 0.9__0.3
  6.7523077 7.3153846 -0.2784615 0.4593077 14.3__18.7

Addendum:  You will notice that the three veteran pickups who were supposed to create such an improvement in the Bucks this season: Salmons, Gooden and Maggette, have collectively produced 1.5 wins and 7.5 losses, for a winning percentage of 0.170%.  If those three alone were playing .500% basketball, as their numbers suggested they should have been, then the Bucks would be headed toward 44 wins.

Addendum 2:  The numbers at the bottom of each Win Chart (except for the Win__Loss total) are Excel generated averages for each column.  I don’t know what they mean, but its fun to compare them to the averages that I did for the Magic in the previous post.  By those standards, the average Bucks player is below average, whereas the average Magic player is just below average.


4 Responses to “Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart (Game 33)”

  1. Max Says:

    Am I reading it correctly and Bogut has produced -.2 wins and 1.5 losses since the last chart (Where he was 3.2-(-.5), because if so, thats terrifying.

  2. tywill33 Says:

    He’s done poorly. But, the last Win Chart contained my transcript derived numbers. I can no longer do those, so I have switched to using the defensive numbers provided by, which are pretty accurate, particularly when the player plays only one position, like Bogut (there is no dispute as to whom he guarded).

  3. tywill33 Says:

    Just as a follow-up. His defense has clearly declined. Bogut got crushed by Dwight Howard the other night, and I just ran his ten game numbers from dougstats, which includes 1.4 player games from him (approximately the last Win Chart) and his offense over that period was 9.81… way, way down. If you assume his defense was no better than average (as opposed to way above average as it was earlier) then he would have produced 0.1 wins in that time frame and 1.3 losses, very close to what your numbers were… and I don’t believe he played even average defense (he couldn’t if his defensive numbers have been so bad) so I would say that your first comment was near dead on.

  4. Blake Says:

    I thought Bogut was out with fouls most of the night? Brockman and Sanders allowed more than half of his points.

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