Bucks are younger than that now

Who sang the song that contained the lyrics “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now“?  For some reason Crosby Stills Nash & Young come to mind.  Can’t put my finger on the name of the song though*.

Anyway, based on last summer’s geriatric acquisitions, I would have thought the Milwaukee Bucks were one of the older teams in the NBA this season.  However, according to a nice post on Hoopism, they’re not even close.  In fact, if you weight the ages according to minutes played, the Bucks are among the younger third teams in the NBA.

*:  I just googled the lyrics.  They are from a song called “My Back Pages” sung by The Byrds and written by Bob Dylan.  I never heard that song title before, so I’m not sure where I heard the lyrics before.  I was close though with the CSN&Y guess.  Both groups eminated from the same Folk Rock era. Peace and love, man.


3 Responses to “Bucks are younger than that now”

  1. winniepoo Says:

    Hey Ty,

    did a quick look on songlyrics.com searching by phrase of lyrics within the song and looks like the song is “My Back Pages” and has been covered by a few artists.

    Band – Song
    Ramones – My Back Pages
    George Harrison – My Back Pages
    The Hollies – My Back Pages
    The Ramones – My Back Pages
    Dylan Bob – My Back Pages
    Byrds, The – My Back Pages
    Steve Earle – My Back Pages

  2. winniepoo Says:

    oops didn’t notice the update on the post. 😀

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