Greetings from Titletown: Favre/Rodgers debate is over

Using my QB Efficiency Rating, Aaron Rodgers scored a 52.12 in tonight’s immaculate beatdown of the Atlanta Falcons by the Green Bay Packers.   The NFL average is  11.44.  Favre never once came close to posting such a number in any postseason contest.  I’m willing to bet he never did it in the regular season, either.  The Favre/Rodgers  debate is over my friends, if it wasn’t over a long time ago.

Favre was nothing more than a latter day Bobby Layne.  Reckless and charismatic.  Aaron Rodgers is Roger Staubach redux.  Pinpoint passing, great decision making, and elusive in the pocket. Aaron Rodgers is a far superior quarterback to Favre.

What a win.  To quote the immortal final words of Robert F Kennedy… “Now its on to Chicago (probably), and lets win there“.

NFC Championship Game, baby!!!


4 Responses to “Greetings from Titletown: Favre/Rodgers debate is over”

  1. Blake Says:

    Rodgers is just incredible…what an amazing pick that turned out to be.

  2. evanz Says:

    I love Aaron Rodgers. It’s too bad the Niners didn’t see how good he was.

  3. ilikeflowers Says:

    Rodgers is one of my favorites. Should there be an injury rate measure included in the QB rating though? I would assume that the more a QB runs the more likely he is to be injured. Is this true in reality though? Green Bay almost missed the playoffs entirely due to Rodgers being injured.

    On a side note, I also perceive a tendency (among the talking heads at least) to assume that the better a QB is at running the less important the offensive line, but if running QB’s are getting injured at a greater rate then in fact the opposite may be true.

  4. ilikeflowers Says:

    Same thing for Vick. His injuries probably cost the Eagles a first round bye.

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