Indiana Pacers Win Chart

I did a Win Chart for the up-early and down-late Indiana Pacers.  I call them “November’s Children” after the weird title of that obscure Rolling Stones album and because they annually start the season off with impressive wins and then follow-up their good starts with mediocre seasons.  They did it again this season.  The Pacers scored some big road and home wins early, including a blow-out of Denver, a road win at the Lakers, and a home win over the Miami Heat, and since then they’ve kind of sloughed around at the 0.500% mark.  Here is their Win Chart so far:

  WS opWS MWS W% W__L W>0.5%
Dunleavy 9.91 7.14 1.39 0.739 3.4__1.2 1.1
Granger 7.25 6.93 0.16 0.529 3.0__2.7 0.1
Collison 7.46 6.94 0.26 0.549 2.3__2.0 0.1
Foster 16.34 3.55 6.39 1.589 1.9__(-0.7) 1.3
Hibbert 10.41 12.17 -0.88 0.359 1.6__2.8 -0.6
Rush 5.74 7.66 -0.96 0.339 1.4__2.7 -0.6
McRoberts 12.19 12.47 -0.14 0.479 1.3__1.4 0
Posey 7.56 10.08 -1.26 0.289 0.8__2.0 -0.6
Hansbor 9.74 9.48 -0.13 0.477 0.8__0.9 0
George 10.14 7.35 1.39 0.739 0.7__0.3 0.2
Ford 3.53 7.84 -2.16 0.139 0.4__2.7 -1.2
Djones 3.31 0.26 1.53 0.769 0.2__0.1 0
Price 6.41 6.02 0.19 0.539 0.1__0.2 0
Sjones 5.19 11.52 -3.17 -0.039 0.0__1.8 -0.9
  8.23 7.81 0.18 17.9__20.1
OlivPyth 18.2__19.8  
WS: Win Score (Pts + Rebs + Stls + .5Ass + .5Blks – FGAs – TOs – .5FTAs – .5PFs)
opWS: Opponent Win Score
MWS: Marginal Win Score (WS-opWS/2)
W%: Player’s Winning Percentage
W__L: Wins and Losses attributed to player
W>0.5%: Wins greater than 0.500%

As you can see, the Pacers most productive player by minute is also one of the least appreciated blue collar players in NBA history — F/C Jeff Foster.  The Pacers best full-time player is G/F Mike Dunleavy.   C Roy Hibbert was terrible in his first two seasons, started this season fast, and now has tailed off. 

Danny Granger is interesting.  A couple of seasons ago I did a career Win Chart for Granger, and if you compare his “Player Win Average” on the chart to the W% on this chart (they are the same exact thing), you will find that he is almost right on his career average.  Granger is an above average win producer, which is quite valuable, but he has never really been an elite level player.

You can also see from the chart above that our old friend TJ Ford’s production has really dropped off.  That’s probably the problem with most smaller men who rely on quickness.  Once that quickness erodes, so does the player’s production.  Height doesn’t erode (don’t tell that to my Grandma though).

Finally, the rookie Paul George looks pretty productive, and Tyler Hansborough has not been the disaster many predicted.  Plus, I like Josh McRoberts.  He seems to be useful.

The Pacers traded for Darren Collison in the offseason.  If you compare his win production last season with the Hornets to this season with the Pacers, he’s pretty much the same borderline above average player he was in New Orleans.

One Response to “Indiana Pacers Win Chart”

  1. Xavier Q Says:

    Darren Collison’s season had been derailed due to our coach’s incompetence. O’Brien refused to run pick n’ roll until our bigs were hurt, forcing the issue. I’d love to see a win chart for the Pacers from Jan. 11 on, even though the team is 2-5.

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