Shhh… the Bucks are quietly turning the tide

Maybe the Bucks collective New Years resolution was to turn more possessions into points.  It seems to be working, Antlerheads!

In what seems like the most boring Milwaukee Bucks season in living memory, it appears the team is slowly… and finally… beginning to turn the tide in their favor.

Yes, the team is 4-6 over the last ten games, but that is a complete fluke.  The Bucks have outscored opponents during that time period by +13, and their awful, awful offense is finally showing some life.

Over the last ten games (and it may actually be a longer period) the Bucks have posted a positive “Scoring Efficiency” number of +3.95.  That’s almost at the NBA average.  Incredible, if you think about it.  I did a post on New Years Eve Day that showed the Bucks with the following Marginal Win Score breakdown numbers:

Scoring Poss Help WC W%
-2.43 34.86 0.81    
4.68 32.31 1.23    
-7.11 2.56 -0.42 -0.497 0.42%

Those were the dismal numbers in November and December.  Now, over the last ten days, the numbers look like the team we were expecting at the beginning of the season:

3.95 36.51 2.71    
1.05 35.11 3.21    
2.89 1.41 -0.51 0.379 0.57%

The monster difference, obviously, has been in the scoring efficiency.  The Bucks are finally above water, and consequently, they are playing like the 47 win team I thought they would be at the beginning of the season.   The numbers generally follow a trend that began when the calendar changed to the New Year.  Here are the Bucks January numbers:

2.69 37.29 1.79    
1.44 35.49 2.55    
1.25 1.79 -0.76 0.229 0.55%

Or did they begin when Brandon Jennings and John Salmons got hurt?  I will let you be the judge of that, but neither Jennings nor Salmons was having a good season. 

The important thing is, it appears the Bucks are starting to find the bottom of the net with something like professional regularity, and that is good news for Bucks fans.  Now, we need the wins to follow. 

But if they keep these January numbers going, I guarantee the wins will follow.


2 Responses to “Shhh… the Bucks are quietly turning the tide”

  1. EvanZ Says:

    Thought you might be interested to see this. Non-steal forced turnovers. Bucks have 5 players in the top 50.

  2. Dan Says:

    Without looking at his stats, I would think Delfino’s return has helped.

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