Sweet Number 13

Only in football can you have a world championship sneak up on you like the Green Bay Packers championship snuck up on me.  Compared with the Packers last championship in 1996, which was the culmination of a three season step-by-step journey, the 2010 world championship is almost surreal.  As late as Christmas Day, I did not know if the Packers were even going to make the play-offs.  And now, a month and change later… world champs!  You could never have that in basketball or baseball.  Maybe that’s why football is by far the most popular sport in the country.  Its random.  Thats the American Dream. 

Some other thoughts:

1.  Did Troy Palomalu play last night?  The Defensive Player of the Year was a no factor.

2. Did Roger Gadell get some stage fright at the trophy celebration?  First he called Green Bay, “The smallest city in America” when I’m pretty sure he meant “in the NFL” and then he said the Packers would be “taking Vince Lombardi home”  when I’m pretty sure they weren’t going to detour to Jersey, exhume the great coach and bring him back to his Avenue.  I think Gadell meant bring the “Lombardi Trophy home”

3. When your team is playing in the Super Bowl, all the hoopla and commercials and rock bands are just monstrously annoying.  Can we get on with the game???  And, I’m sorry America, but those commercials are by and large stupid.  I know they are supposed to be parodies, but the ones they serve us are not even clever.

4. Mike McCarthy’s pregame speech must have included something about the fact that “they don’t call it the Vince Lombardi trophy for nothing” because I heard at least six Packers state that very thing.

5. That last pass play that Tramon Williams broke up was not even close to being “pass interference”. 

6. I believe the Packers are now the first team to win Super Bowls with three entirely distinct rosters.  I base that on the fact that ESPN reported that the Packers were the third team to win Super Bowls with three separate quarterbacks, and the other two teams (Giants, Redskins) had at least two quarterbacks from the same era (Giants: Phil Simms, Jeff Hostetler), (Redskins: Doug Williams, Mark Rypien).

7.  Knock on wood, but the Packers look set up for another “String of Pearls” like in the 1960s.  Young quarterback, and basically a lot of young impact players.  But we said the same thing about the 1985 Chicago Bears… oh, and the 1971 Milwaukee Bucks.

8. Everyone talks about the Packers injuries, but the only two really significant injuries were to Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley.  The other injuries, particularly the ones on defense, may have forced upgrades.  The rookie safety was not getting the job done nearly as well as Charlie Peprah did, Desmond Bishop was more dynamic than Nick Barnett, the injury to Brandon Chillar forced Dom Capers to come up with his brilliant scheme using Charles Woodson as a linebacker, and the rookie Bryan Bulaga was probably an upgrade at right tackle over Mark Tauscher.


6 Responses to “Sweet Number 13”

  1. dberri Says:

    Some one pointed out today that if the Lions don’t come back against the Bucs in December, Tampa Bay goes to the playoffs (not Green Bay). Same is true if the Eagles don’t complete that improbably comeback against the Giants (again, Green Bay misses). So there is a fair amount of luck behind this title team. And some of that luck is due to the Lions (who are clearly the favorites to win the division next year 🙂

    • tywill33 Says:

      That is all true! I was thinking about that.

      I was certain the Packers weren’t going to make the playoffs. At one point the odds were 30%. It took a string of events to make it happen.

  2. the hammer Says:

    how about when the commish called mark murphy, demark murphy. was he still thinking of the cba during the ceremony?

    • tywill33 Says:

      I know… Mr. $10 Million Salary completely choked! I’m surprised he isn’t getting hammered just as hard as Aguilera is getting hammered for her flub.

  3. Dan Says:


    True on the luck, but you could go back through the season and find one or two plays that affected the destiny of pretty much every team. It’s actually a pretty interesting exercise, as it shows how easily a team’s fortunes can change.

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