The Packers dont commemorate championships… they win ’em

I LOVE the Milwaukee Bucks old school 1970s home jerseys, and I’m glad they are wearing them, but in general the team’s month long celebration of their one lone world championship that happened light years ago seems totally pathetic, especially in light of what happened last Sunday.

The Green Bay Packers don’t commemorate championships, they win them.  The Bucks “commemoration” only serves to remind me of how long its been since the team achieved what should be their annual goal… winning a world championship.  Its been 40 frickin years.  Wow.  That is what you call a drought.  And there is no rain in the forecast.

I just can’t accept this kind of mediocrity anymore.  Here’s what really frustrates me.  Since 1996, the Milwaukee Bucks have advanced past the first round of the play-offs one time.  In that same span the Green Bay Packers have constructed two completely separate world championship teams.  That’s embarrasing. 

Yes, it is easier to acquire talent and to win championships in football, but the Packers face many of the same obstacles as the Bucks.  Green Bay is not a prime destination for free agent talent, so the team has to build through the draft.  But unlike the Bucks, the Packers have hit on many of their draft choices, and have made bold, brilliant personnel moves that have paid off big time.

Now look at the Bucks situation.  The team basically has one championship asset — C Andrew Bogut.  Past that, the Bucks have a point guard who isn’t a true playmaker, they have a couple of nice role players, and they have a bunch of way overpaid aging veterans.  Hammond will really have to work some magic to undo this roster and rejigger it.  

To quote Joey Tribianni, the Bucks are so far from a championship at this moment, the championship looks like a dot to them.


2 Responses to “The Packers dont commemorate championships… they win ’em”

  1. Chicago Tim Says:

    At least the Bucks aren’t the Cubs. Take a time machine back 40 years and the Cubs’ championship would still look like a dot.

    I do remember the Bucks during the 1980s, when they always made the playoffs, then lost to either the 76ers or the Celtics.

  2. Ryan Says:

    Yeah, this team has gotten really uninspiring. It’s hard to believe less than year ago a lot of these same guys were pulling together and finding a better mindset. Right now, it’s a lot more like 2008 when fans got to the point heading down by Kohl’s seat with bags on their heads.

    They’re at least a little better than this, but in their current environment it’s hard to see them showing that. Every player and Skiles are all responsible but having to pull yourself up by your bootstraps always drains way more energy than having a decent culture that helps guys help each other.

    I won’t write Jennings off from having more of an impact yet but this is a big opportunity to play like a winner and it’s like he’s worrying too much instead of trusting hard work and overcoming like a player with the confidence he says he has.

    These guys are all so depressed by now. Tough spiral to get out of. And the way it can warp thoughts yet keep you maintaining you must still have all the right perspectives, many are probably just thinking getting off this team would be the best cure for them. Bucks basketball baby!

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