1979-80 Milwaukee Bucks in Marginal Win Score

A couple of seasons ago, David Berri labeled the Milwaukee Bucks team “the least interesting in the NBA”.  In my opinion, he was a couple seasons premature. 

I just cannot get in to this season’s edition of the Milwaukee Bucks.  They are mediocre, unentertaining, and too old to invest much hope in for the future.  They are just kind of “there”.

So, as my last series of posts have shown, I’m occupying my basketball interests in other ways.  And whenever the present dissatisfies me, I look to the past.

Since I came up with the “statistical distribution” method for estimating opponent Win Score, I am no longer forced to do entire seasons at a chunk.  I am free to cherry pick my favorite teams and estimate wins and losses.  Below is a Marginal Win Score analysis of one of my all-time favorite teams, the “Green and Growing” 1979-80 Milwaukee Bucks.

1979-80 Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart

  WS oppWS MWS W% W__L W>0.5%
Mjohnson 14.05 6.33 3.86 1.159 12.9__(-1.8) 7.3
Moncrief 11.46 4.88 3.29 1.061 6.8__(-0.4) 3.6
Buckner 8.78 5.79 1.49 0.759 5.3__1.7 1.8
Lanier 14.91 11.62 1.65 0.789 2.4__0.7 0.9
Bridgeman 6.02 5.66 0.18 0.539 5.2__4.4 0.4
Winters 5.46 5.25 0.11 0.529 5.8__5.1 0.3
Catchings 12.29 11.75 0.27 0.549 3.1__2.6 0.2
Benson 10.54 11.62 -0.54 0.409 2.4__3.4 -0.5
Pcummings 9.98 10.43 -0.23 0.469 1.7__2.0 -0.2
Washington 8.31 9.23 -0.46 0.429 1.9__2.6 -0.3
Walton 4.79 5.78 -0.51 0.419 2.1__3.0 -0.4
Meyers 7.92 9.23 -0.66 0.389 3.5__5.6 -1.1
  9.54 8.14 0.7 0.625 53.1__28.9 12

As you can see, the Bucks were led that season by the hugely underappreciated cocaine addict, SF Marques Johnson, and the newcomer, Sir Sidney Moncrief. 

The Bucks that season ultimately went down to defeat at the hands of the defending champions, the Seattle Supersonics. 

I like this Bucks team because I can vaguely remember riding around in the backseat of my parents Buick one night and listening to one of the games from that Seattle series.  What sticks out in my memory about that night was that the game was in Seattle and that legendary Bucks announcer Eddie Doucette was very emotional and he said “Milwaukee, your Bucks are giving the World Champions everything they can handle!  I mean everything!”  I was real proud of the Bucks that night.

When will I ever get that feeling back??

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