Knicks give up a little to get a lot

The Knickerbockers finally acquired Carmelo Anthony, and the big news is they did not have to give up much to get him and Chauncey Billups.  It looked as though the Knicks were going to have to part with rookie sensation Landry Fields, but they did not have to do so.  Here’s how I have the wins and losses for the main players this season:

Traded Knicks

Raymond Felton…(-0.18)…4.0__4.6

Wilson Chandler…(+0.07)…3.8__3.5

Danillo Gallnari…(-0.97)…2.3__4.6

Timothy Mozgov…(-1.52)…0.5__1.4


Total:  10.6 wins and 14.1 losses

Nuggets Traded

Carmelo Anthony…(+2.30)…6.6__0.8

Chauncey Billups…(+0.14)…4.2__2.6

Sheldon Williams…(+1.23)…1.8__1.2


Total:  12.6 wins and 4.6 losses


Carmelo Anthony and Sheldon Williams are both playing above their established productivity levels, but I don’t see why Carmelo cannot sustain his new level in New York.  All it required of him was some extra effort on the defensive glass, which he has shown, and some renewed defensive intensity, which might wane in the no-defense philosophy of his new coach.   And Chauncey Billups appears to be on the decline finally, but he’s still a hell of a throw-in.

On the Nugget side, it looks like they got a bunch of average to below average players.  Felton was better last season, but that was the exception.  For most of his career he has been slightly below average.  Wilson Chandler is pretty much a 0.500% or slightly below ballplayer.  Danillo Gallinari plays no defense at all, and he’s a poor rebounder and passer, although he can shoot from distance.  Again, though, his peak is at a below 0.500% production level.  Finally, I have no dreaming idea why the Nuggets were “holding out” for C Timothy Mozgov, if the reports are to be believed.  This guy looks stiffer than a shot of rotgut Vodka.

As far as the draft picks Denver received, if I’m getting it right all they got was a 1st rounder and 2 second rounders.  The 1st rounder will probably be middle of the draft, and most of the time 2nd round picks do not even make the squad.

Why didn’t Denver insist on Landry Fields?  They may have signed their own “lottery” death warrant with this bad deal.

The Knicks, meanwhile, are not championship level yet, but two above average players like Anthony and Billups don’t hurt the cause, and of course they still have Fields, so they look in good shape.

But I’m telling you, until they learn to play defense much better than they are now playing it, they will never get their lips anywhere near the Golden Ball.  History shows you cannot win the NBA Championship without an above average scoring defense, and the Knicks might need to change coaches to get that.  With tonight’s trade, they certainly don’t need D’Antoni’s gimmicky European style offense anymore.  They’ve got legitimate offensive talent.


7 Responses to “Knicks give up a little to get a lot”

  1. Blake Says:

    The Nuggets also acquired Corey Brewer from the Timberwolves, and I believe he was #2 on your most harmful players list last year. That’s gotta hurt them if he’s going to be playing as a back-up, right?

    • tywill33 Says:

      Blake, my boy, what’s going on with your boy Brandon? I thought his numbers would improve, but they’ve gone backwards!

      You’re right about Brewer. He was a weird throw-in. The Twolves got back the equally disappointing Anthony Randolph. Perhaps Randolph will blossom in the Twin Cities, but I kind of doubt he will.

      • Blake Says:

        I don’t know man, Brandon just hasn’t done much for us this year. His shooting is still pretty inefficient, he’s letting his opponent get the better of him most nights and to top it all off tonight when we needed a bucket in the last 5 minutes against the Knicks he completely missed on an easy layup. If he doesn’t improve by next year I honestly won’t care if he leaves for somewhere else. I think at this point if we miss out on the playoffs we just need to start hoping we can get a top 5 lottery pick.

        I’m praying for Jared Sullinger…

  2. Chris Ross Says:

    Great post man, loved the read, always nice to hear a different perspective. Anyways, I’m just so happy the Melo stuff is finally over with and we can get on with our lives for heaven’s sakes. Carmelo really did a poor job of handling this whole situation but the one thing is that he did allow his team to receive some assets in return, even if the motives were selfish. You can’t say that for Chris Bosh or Lebron James. The Nuggets now have some real pieces to work with while the Knicks pretty much having nothing to work with. We’ll see how the Knicks cope with their lack of players but I guess it’s comparable to the Heat in a way. Basketball just keeps getting more interesting, despite the increasing amount of stacked teams. Can’t wait for the playoffs! Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say.

    • tywill33 Says:

      I like your blog and thank you for the comment.

      I don’t know that you can say that Carmelo handled the situation poorly… he’s right where he wanted to be.

      You’re right, though, to say that Carmelo did allow his team to get some compensation for him, but I wonder whether Carmelo was motivated by a sense of duty toward the Knicks or a sense of fear about the coming Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  3. brgulker Says:

    Agreed with Ty on the way Melo’s handled things. He’s only responded to the situation when he’s been asked about it, and he’s never been publicly disrespectful to or about anyone.


    Great post. This data set is an interesting comparison point with the traditional Wins Produced numbers. Per Dr. Berri’s numbers posted today, this was close to a net wash in terms of productivity. Felton and Gallo as net negatives by your numbers hurt quite a bit.

    It will be interesting to see if Denver keeps either player. Gallo’s already on the blocks, per rumors, and Felton seems like a decent trade chip if nothing else. Time will tell, I guess.

  4. Shareef Says:

    “Gimmicky European style offense?” You don’t engineer the best offense since 1951 ( ) via gimmicks. The reason so few coaches make a difference is institutional lack of creativity. D’antoni should continue to press his edge rather than ape the NBA norm.

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