Day 2: I moved up 1,000,000 spots… but Obama’s still dusting me

I had a great day yesterday for several reasons, one of which (but the least of which) was that my NCAA brackets suddenly got rather warm.  

Maybe I didn’t need that disclaimer after all.  Thanks to luck and (I think) some poor seeding choices made by the NCAA selection committee, my brackets caught fire on the second day and actually moved up one million spots in the ESPN bracket challenge. 

The better finisher of the two was the bracket that reflects the “preponderance of numbers” picks I outlined in my Wednesday post  It is doing better than 97.7% of the ESPN brackets.  The bracket that was picked strictly according to Adjusted Marginal Win Score metric moved up into the 92.6% percentile.  (the reason I did two was I meant to enter one for each metric so I could test which was most effective. But, as usual, I got tired of filling out brackets and quit after two).

So I was feeling pretty good about myself until I checked out President Obama’s work.  Hjs bracket is in the 100% percentile!  And listening to him analyze each of the matchups, I guarantee he made the picks himself.  He executed the “Roulette Wheel” selection strategy to near perfection.  Well done.

Of the other high profile brackets, Dickie V is at 92.4%.  The Hardy from “Mike & Mike in the Morning”, Mike Golic, is at a lowly 12.2%. The Laurel from “Mike & Mike in the Morning”, Mike Greenberg, is at 61.6%. Author and purported basketball expert Bill Simmons, who can’t properly pick his nose– let alone winning teams –when it comes to the NCAA brackets, is once again in single digits at 6.7% (actually, the problem he has is he sticks with his assinine “Maximum Upsets” strategy.  It must have worked once).  Fantasy Football King Matthew Berry, who better be better at football, is having another tough year at 41.5%.  Radio and television blowhard Colin Cowherd is at 79.3%.  The hottie he works with on SportsNation (who chose a rather risque bracket title) is at 61.6%.  And John Kincade, who is pretty decent on the radio, is also pretty decent at forecasting basketball, because he’s in the 97.7% percentile.


3 Responses to “Day 2: I moved up 1,000,000 spots… but Obama’s still dusting me”

  1. Blake Says:

    Hmm… you’re beating me. 😛

    I’m currently in the 93% percentile, I was so close to picking Morehead State over Louisville, too. I knew I should have gone with my gut on that one.

  2. tywill33 Says:

    You’re still doing outstanding!

    What would have led you to go against Louisville? The team my gut told me to go against (which I did not) was Vanderbilt. It seems to me they’ve had a couple of squishy soft tourney showings in the past.

    Plus they advertise themselves as the “Harvard of the South”. You think they’re going to nut it up in the clutch with that nickname???

    Go Bucky tonight… you should have heard the cash registers go ching in Vegas when that Belmont “upset” never came to pass.

    • Blake Says:

      I had Vandy losing from the starting when I saw that game, they always lose come tournament time.

      And the only reason I was going against Louisville was because of the monster Kenneth Faried, I thought he could give them a legit chance and he brought down something like 16 rebounds in that game. In the end I still thought Louisville would pull it out though, changed it at the last second.

      Everyone and their mothers were putting Belmont down to upset Wisconsin! I even saw some people in my pool have Belmont in the Elite 8 and Final Four! lol

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