Sunday, Bloody Sunday: The Rise and Fall of my Brackets

Oh, man.  I was flying so high on Saturday night.  And on Sunday I came crashing down.

After Jordan Taylor stamped the Neck Bearded Jacob Pullen’s shot “Return to Sender”, and Wisconsin took down KSU, my official bracket moved into the 99.5% percentile.  I was nipping at Obama’s heals (his bracket was something like 99.8%).  Then on Sunday everything burned down.  Now here is my official bracket, and my experimental Adjusted Marginal Win Score bracket.  As you can see the AMWS bracket is still technically doing well, but there are too many potholes remaining. 

I should have known.  The upsets were happening at their normal rate.  Sunday brought the Great Correction.  My bracket was taking hits like Robert De Niro against Sugar Ray Robinson in “Raging Bull”. 

Nearly all of my huge disappointments had a connection to the Big East, or as Charles Barkley rightly calls it, “The Little East”.  What a fraud that conference ended up being. 

Pittsburgh — gone;  Notre Dame — gone;  Villanova — gone;  Georgetown — gone;  Syracuse — gone;  West Virginia — see ya.

Only UConn and Marquette survived the weekend.  Of course, Purdue didn’t exactly do the Big Ten proud either.


2 Responses to “Sunday, Bloody Sunday: The Rise and Fall of my Brackets”

  1. Blake Says:

    I was in the 99% percentile and after yesterday ive fallen to the 91% percentile.

  2. tywill33 Says:

    Same here. And I’m missing so many winners, I’m about to go in to total freefall.

    Oh well, it was beautiful while it lasted… but it never lasts

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