Breaking down the Los Angeles Lakers

Everyone’s wringing their hands about the Los Angeles Lakers, but they’ve actually had a very nice season, comparable to their previous two seasons.

Here is the Lakers Win Chart:

  WS oppWS MWS W% W__L W>0.5%
P Gasol 16.53 10.97 2.78 0.974 11.9__0.3 5.8
K Bryant 9.23 3.79 2.72 0.964 10.8__0.4 5.2
L Odom 15.29 10.51 2.39 0.909 9.6__1.0 4.3
A Bynum 18.11 9.68 4.11 1.218 7.6__(-1.4) 4.5
R Artest 5.82 6.83 -0.51 0.417 4.0__5.7 -0.8
S Brown 4.93 2.41 1.26 0.717 4.5__1.8 1.3
M Barnes 10.87 6.89 1.99 0.841 3.5__0.7 1.4
D Fisher 3.61 7.45 -1.92 0.177 1.6__8.1 -3.3
S Blake 4.81 8.21 -1.69 0.215 1.4__5.1 -1.9
L Walton 3.38 12.65 -4.64 -0.284 (-0.5)__2.4 -1.4
D Caracter 4.17 17.02 -6.42 -0.588 (-0.5)__1.4 -0.9
        MWS: 53.9__26.1  
        Pyth:  54.1__25.9  
        Actual: 55.0__25.0  

As the chart shows, generally speaking, the Lakers have gotten outstanding performances from 3 of the 5 positions on the court.  Kobe Bryant has been excellent, and you don’t hear a thing about him any more.  He’s had a renassiance season.  Pau Gasol tapered a bit, but still had his normal outstanding win production.  Ditto for Lamar Odom, who was just below his normal standards, but still very good.

The guy who is really playing good basketball is Andrew Bynum, though in limited minutes.  Somebody must have gotten to the guy and told him “You’re not Akeem Olajuwon, you’re a power player… play like one”.  Because he has played like one and he has gotten back to the outstanding numbers he put up three seasons ago when he appeared on the cusp of superstardom.  His only lingering issue is health.  He can’t seem to sustain it.  Otherwise, outstanding season for the big man.

The Lakers main weakness has been at the point guard position.  They are just awful there.  Derek Fisher has been bad for several seasons, but the Lakers seem to tolerate that because he has provided them with big shots in the playoffs.  His new backup, Steve Blake, played more like the Blake we saw in Milwaukee than the Blake they saw in Portland.  He was substandard. 

Also, Ron Artest was off his game, though he wasn’t terrible.  And, the Lakers have Matt Barnes as a very productive backup, though he also has struggled with health.

All in all, I don’t see why the Lakers cannot regroup from their little cold spell and get back to the NBA Finals.  I don’t think they are in bad shape at all.


One Response to “Breaking down the Los Angeles Lakers”

  1. J.D. Mo Says:

    Ty, this is where the win score stuff fails to add anything new. I’ve watched a lot of Laker games all season — the bench misses shots. They can’t sco re. You’ve gotta beat em when Kobe’s not out there on the court. And often, this season, he’s trying to lead a comeback.
    Barnees, Brown, Blake — they haven’t been good.

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