What’s wrong with the Celtics

The Boston Celtics had a look at their 18th Championship banner until March when General Manager Danny Ainge made one of the stupidest trades in NBA history.  

In March, Ainge dealt the competent center Kendrick Perkins to the OKC Thunder for the underproductive duo of Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic.  What possessed him to do this, I will never know.  As a direct consequence of the trade, the Boston Celtics no longer have a reliable center who can produce wins.  If they continue to trot Baby Davis, Nenad Kristic, and Jermaine O’Neal out on a nightly basis, they will not even sniff the NBA Finals.

Here is the Celtics Win Chart:

  WS oppWS MWS W% W__L W>0.5%
P Pierce 11.16 4.72 3.22 1.041 12.0__(-0.5) 6.3
R Allen 8.51 5.53 1.49 0.751 9.0__3.0 2.9
R Rondo 9.99 3.43 3.28 1.051 11.0__(-0.5) 5.3
G Davis 7.05 12.06 -2.51 0.073x 0.6__8.7 -4.1
K Garnett 16.77 8.55 4.11 1.199 11.0__(-1.8) 6.4
N Robinson 2.92 5.57 -1.32 0.271 1.1__3.0 -0.9
M Daniels 7.01 4.81 1.09 0.681 2.6__1.3 0.7
S O’Neal 11.93 7.43 2.25 0.881 2.7__0.4 1.1
J Green 5.51 5.27 0.12 0.519 1.1__1.1 0.1
N Kristic 9.65 10.38 -0.36 0.441 0.9__1.1 -0.1
V Wafer 5.18 3.14 1.02 0.671 1.3__0.7 0.3
S Erden 7.91 11.13 -1.61 0.221 0.5__1.7 -0.6
D West 5.46 5.13 0.16 0.521 0.9__0.9 0.1
J O’Neal 5.05 11.68 -3.31 -0.051 (-0.1)__1.7 -0.9
K Perkins 11.34 10.58 0.38 0.561 0.7__0.6 0.1
L Harangody 6.47 13.21 -3.37 -0.061 0.0__1.0 -0.5
A Bradley -7.25 5.46 -6.35 -0.571 (-0.3)__0.8 -0.6
T Murphy 9.39 9.16 0.11 0.521 0.3__0.3 0.1
C Arroyo 2.93 (-2.21) 2.57 0.931 0.5__0.0 0.2
S Pavlovic 0.91 7.02 -3.05 -0.009 0.0__0.4 -0.2
        MWS: 55.8__24.2  
        Pyth: 55.6__24.4  

Since the trade, Green and Kristic have played decently on defense, but as I said, that is not the major consequence of the deal.  The major consequence is that the team now must give major minutes to one of its least productive players, Glen Davis. 

Baby Davis is and has been one of the most overrated players in the NBA.  He does not shoot well, he does not rebound well… he does nothing well.  He consistently produces losses for the Celtics, yet Doc Rivers and the Boston management somehow thinks he’s a terrific player, and they keep playing him.  Its bizarre.

But Davis is not the only reason for the team’s recent swoon.  If you compare the Win Chart above to the one I did in a post about the Celtics a month ago, and you subtract the wins and losses, you will discover another major reason for the Celtics decline.  Rajon Rondo is playing horribly.  I’m not sure what his deal is, but he’s way under the numbers he has been consistently producing over the past two and a half seasons.  If the Celtics don’t get him squared away, they may not survive the second round.

The Celtics only hope, as I see it, is Shaquille O’Neal.  If you are a Celtics fan, that should scare you.  The guy is in terrible physical condition, and as a result cannot stay on the floor.  I was shocked to see how fat he has become.  Even if he is healthy, there is virtually no way O’Neal can play full time minutes.

So that leaves the Celtics with Kristic and Baby Davis.  Why did Ainge put them in this position?  What the hell was he thinking?


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