Soulja Boy Stevenson is poking his stick in Samson’s cage again

There’s a guy in my office who is up from Miami this week. He’s a Heat season ticket holder. I was telling him this morning that the Mavs needed this game worse than the Heat. He disagreed, replying “Ty its 2-2”. Duh.

I dropped that line of conversation and commented that I couldn’t wait to see how LeBron would come out tonight. I my mind I am thinking he will come out with his afro on fire. I told my colleague you could expect LeBron to “Come out Smokin’” like Joe Frazier used to do in his prime. In fact, I predicted to him that every LeBron first quarter touch would equal a LeBron first quarter shot. (Which could seriously backfire on the Heat if he’s missing or taking ill-advised attempts. In that sense, I am reminded of George Foreman’s classic retort to Frazier — “Smoking is hazardous to your health.” He was right).

At any rate, I then asked if he had heard that DeShawn Stevenson of the Mavericks called LeBron out yesterday for “checking out” of Game 4. We laughed. I recalled that the two had a war of words during their respective Cleveland-Washington days.

Now here’s the part I am particularly proud of. I somehow recalled the details of the meaningless squabble. I recalled that Stevenson had said LeBron was overrated and in response LeBron compared himself to some well-known rapper (that turned out to be Jay-Z) and I recalled that LeBron in turn compared Stevenson to some rapper called “Soldier Boy”. We both laughed, I guess at the absurdity.

Actually it turned out the rapper’s name was “Soulja Boy” not “Soldier Boy” as I pronounced it. But I give myself credit nonetheless. I don’t follow hip hop, and if you know my track record with names, “Soldier Boy” was a pretty close facsimile to “Soulja Boy”. (In that vain, last night I was texting a friend and I kept misreferring to Brewer’s centerfielder Nyjer Morgan’s alter ego as “Johnny Plush”. Finally my friend texted me back in exasperation — “Tony fuckin’ Plush!!!!”) 

Tony… Johnny… Vinnie… Vaducci… I need to get better with names.  The bottom line is, Stevenson — never considered a serious brain surgeon candidate to begin with — has once again inexplicably jabbed his stick into the sleeping gorilla’s cage. Tonight we shall see how a gorilla responds when awakened from his slumber.

Get your popcorn ready.


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