Brief thoughts on Tobias Harris

Here’s are the comments I was going to post about Tobias Harris as part of the half done Draft preview that I started and bailed on.  I’ll have more thoughts on this whirlwind day that has remade the Milwaukee Bucks, but hasn’t made them that much better in the short term.

Tobias Harris (SF/PF)

WS40 TS% 2pt% Reb40 Stls40
9.24 56.1 51.1 7.7 1.3
9.81 54.1 49.7 9.9 0.9

Skinny: Another “Where do you play him?” SF/PF. Very similar to Texas’ Jordan Hamilton, though less productive. And like Hamilton, Harris’ productivity is reliant on rebounding, something that may not translate to the NBA (SIDEBAR: Let me explain why I keep making that point.  Because of the “Short Supply of Tall People”, most NBA players played one position “to the right” on the spectrum during college (SFs were college PFs, PFs were college Cs, etc). That doesn’t make a huge difference for NBA PFs, because there isn’t much difference between PF and C. But it makes a huge difference for college PFs who are transitioning to NBA SF, because their duties move them away from the basket. That probably translates to a drop in rebounding. If that’s all they have to offer…)


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