Bucks able to dump Maggette

Good News: The Charlotte Hornets verified the “Greater Fool” theory and agreed to take Corey Maggette off the Bucks hands!

Bad News: The Bucks received little in return. Although, the point guard Shaun Livingston intrigues me. Stephen Jackson, on the other hand, does not.  He has been generally unproductive.  Livingston is still sort of recovering from a devastating knee injury, so his best days may be ahead of him.

Another aspect of the trade that intrigues me is the Bucks trading down to 19. Maybe the move was just a necessary part of the trade, but if it was intentional, perhaps the Bucks see a high value pick at 19 that they could not justify selecting at 10.  Perhaps the Dennis Rodman clone Faried????

I would do a full analysis of this trade, but I am simply too busy at the moment. So I have to make this a quasi-twitter post. Will have more thoughts later.


One Response to “Bucks able to dump Maggette”

  1. Chicago Tim Says:

    Seems like a trade of players who had worn out their welcome on various teams, under the theory that maybe a change of venue will cure what ails them. Seems unlikely.

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