Udrih’s not bad… Jackson to play the 2?

I’m quickly scanning my old numbers on these new Bucks. Stephen Jackson has not been all too productive, by my measurements, for what that’s worth. But PG/SG Beno Udrih has been. JSonline says he will fill the “Ridnour” role from two seasons ago, and I would have to agree.

Who’s going to play shooting guard? Stephen Jackson? He’s more of a frontliner.

I’m reluctant to analyze Shaun Livingston, because every year the Bucks trade for someone they have no intention of keeping, and he kind of looks like this year’s someone. I’m not getting suckered again!

Tobias Harris is being called a “power forward” by JSonline. He is not long enough or productive enough. Hoopshype compares him to former Michigan star Glen Rice, but he shot 30% from the college 3!! How is that at all like Glen Rice??? Glen Rice’s one talent was shooting from distance.

Also, Hoopshype says Harris showed “good passing skills”. Only problem, the statistics suggest he rarely passes the ball! His 0.11 Ass/FG % is extremely low! By way of comparison, in his one season with the Bucks, the franchise’s greatest “blackhole” ever — Jamaal Magliore — had and Ass/FG% of 0.09.


2 Responses to “Udrih’s not bad… Jackson to play the 2?”

  1. tgt Says:

    Someone’s playing loose with numbers. .11 is Ass/FG ratio. Ass/FG% doesn’t even make sense, but if it did, it would be 11, not .11, well, unless he only got 1 assist for ever 900 field goals.

    • tywill33 Says:

      You’re correct. Its what happens when you try to produce and write on with limited available time. Editing suffers. First drafts are always rough.

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