If Jimmer becomes awesome like Nowitzki, will they claim the Bucks traded him too?

Its Friday afternoon… I’ve had a long, shitty f’ing week… but the weekend is here… and I’m two hours away from a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon… can I get a deca-yeah??

But first, one quick preemptory note on last night’s draft: 

As you know, one of my life’s missions is to squealch the unsquealchable (are either of those words?) myth that the “Bucks traded Dirk Nowitzki“.  For those who still believe in it, like you believe in the Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin, I say: (Read the next line with an exasperated tone) “It nevahh happpennned!!!”

The Nowitzki “trade” was identical in form to the Fredette “trade” last night. The Bucks “selected” and “traded” Fredette in the same pro forma manner they allegedly “selected” and “traded” Nowitzki all those years ago.  In other words, they DID NOT trade either player.  In both cases, the team traded the draft slot and then “proxy selected” the player at the direction of the team with which the trade was made.

So if, in the unlikely event, Fredette becomes an above average player, I don’t want to hear fans claim (read in a whiny voice) “Ohhhhhh the Bucks would have been soooooo awesome if they wouldn’t have traded Fredette… how could they be so stupid, blah, blah, blah!”

I think you would agree, “our” Milwaukee Bucks have given us enough ACTUAL draft day blunders and headscratchers to discuss over the course of a long life time (See for Example, Last Night’s Draft).  We don’t need to accuse them of other blunders they did not directly make. 

So to all you who would do so, and who would still claim the Bucks traded Nowitzki for Traylor rather than the 9th and 16th selections for Traylor, I say once again (read in Bugs Bunny midget gangster voice) “Shad up Shaddin’ up!”


2 Responses to “If Jimmer becomes awesome like Nowitzki, will they claim the Bucks traded him too?”

  1. Greg Magarian Says:

    The Nowitzki thing is actually a more ridiculous myth because, IIRC, the Bucks traded UP to get Traylor. If the Bucks hadn’t made the trade, the Mavs would have been able to “overdraft” Nowitzki from their original spot, which means the Bucks truly had no chance to get Nowitzki in that draft. With Fredette it’s less certain because of the trade action ahead of the Bucks, but we can reasonably assume he would have been there at 10 if the Bucks hadn’t done the trade. So in that sense, it may be more fair (even though not entirely accurate) to say that the Bucks traded Fredette. They were in a position to get him; he actually put their hat on; and they let him get away.

  2. tywill33 Says:

    Agreed, except for the factor of the internet.

    “Everyone” knew, because of hoopshype, etc. that the 10th pick in the 2011 draft was not actually being made by the Bucks. Plus, there were veterans moving in the Fredette deal to substantiate the prearrangement.

    By contrast, whenever year that was that the Nowitzki trade went through, it was one of those things where TNT or whoever covered the draft reported “after the fact” about the trade, making it look like the trade happened after the pick. (“We are hearing from our sources that a trade has been made” — making it appear as though the arrangement was made AFTER the fact, when in fact it was made before the fact).

    I’m going off of memory here. Great comment.

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