Bobby Valentine channels Yogi Berra three times on Sunday Night Baseball

There was virtually nothing on television Sunday night, so I trudged through a couple of innings of the San Francisco Giants-Cleveland Indians Interleague baseball game.

The most entertaining part of my brief viewing was listening to commentator Bobby Valentine’s horrendous abuse of the English language. He had three malapropisms, or Yogiisms, in the short two innings I watched.  For entertainment value only, here they are:

1. The Play-by-Play Announcer mentioned that the Cleveland Indians had been the best team at Hitting with RISP, but lately they had been the worst.

Valentine, matter of factly: “That’s just a progression to the means“.

2. Commenting on the fact that each team had a limited amount of time before the shadows would affect the hitters ability to see the spin on the pitch:

Valentine: “The Giants need to take advantage just like the Indians didn’t do in their half inning

3. Commenting on the Cleveland pitcher’s odd delivery, in which he stepped toward first base when he threw rather than toward home plate.

Valentine: “If he was a hitter you would say he is stepping in the bucket when he throws

Awesome!  Valentine was on fire.  I wanted to make sure I wrote those three beauties down before I forgot them. Had I stuck with the game, I’ m sure Valentine would have come up with some more entertaining butcheries.

His most famous quote was his “Sports Math” quote where he said if a certain pitcher did something different “He’d have four more wins… which would make him 12 and 6 instead of 8 and 8“.


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