Big Ten Football Power Rankings (Week One)

Utilizing a crude version of the DVOA system used by the Football Outsiders to power rank NFL teams, I have power ranked the Big Ten following the first weekend of college football action.

Caveats:  I am using last season’s opponent statistics as my baseline, and I did not include special teams in my ranking.  Here are my results (on defense, a minus is good)

  Off Def Total
Wisconsin 71.2 2.2 69.1
Ohio State 11.1 -44.4 55.5
Michigan 29.8 -14.2 43.9
Illinois 6.7 -9.6 16.3
Minnesota -15.7 -17.6 1.9
Indiana 0.1 4.1 -4.1
Purdue 1.9 9.4 -7.5
Northwestern 22.7 35.4 -12.7
Penn St      
Mich St      

Badgers Offensive Juggernaut, Defensive Wimp

Of the 8 Big Ten teams that played opponents that were at least decent enough to be included on cfbstats, the Wisconsin Badgers had the strongest performance, though it was a lopsided performance.  The Wisconsin offense was awesome, but the Wisconsin defense did not dominate.  Nevertheless, the Badgers overall numbers were the best in the Big Ten. 

The best defensive performance in among qualifying Big Ten schools belonged to the Ohio State Buckeyes, but their offense looked so-so.  Michigan had a nicely balanced attack and finished third overall.  Minnesota and Northwestern each probably suffered from the fact that I did not consider the location of the game.  Both put up pretty good performances in road openers against BCS teams.  That said, either Boston College has improved dramatically on offense or Northwestern’s defense is porous.  And while the Golden Gophers look sharp on defense, their offense was anemic.  Illinois might be okay this season, and Indiana and Purdue each look like road kill.




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