NFL Quarterback Efficiency Ratings Week One

I have listed below the NFL Quarterback Efficiency Ratings (QBER) for Week One of the 2011 season.  QBER is calculated as (Passing yards + Rushing Yards – Sack Yards lost – 30x interceptions / Incompletions + Sacks).   QBER roughly measures the number of yards a quarterback helps advance the football for his team for every non-productive play from scrimmage.

The team whose quarterback finished with the higher QBER won every Week One game except the Cowboys-Jets game.  That includes games where both quarterbacks rated well (GB-NO; Carolina-Arizona) and games where both quarterbacks rated poorly (Phil-STL; Cinn-Clev).

The top performer and the worst performer for Week One (excluding tonight’s MNF game) each came from the NFC North Division.  The top performer was the Lions Matthew Stafford, and the worst performer was the Vikings Donovan McNabb.

The following QBs performed surprisingly well (Buffalo’s Fitzpatrick; Arizona’s Kolb; Carolina’s Newton; SF’s Smith), while the following QBs performed surprisingly poorly (Phil’s Vick; Pittsburgh’s Rothliesberger; Cleveland’s McCoy; KC’s Cassell).

A special commendation ought to go to Carolina’s Cam Newton.  Newton did not have the benefit of off season training with his team, yet turned in a fabulous debut against an admittedly suspect Arizona pass defense.  By contrast, last season’s number one pick, St. Louis’ Sam Bradford, continued his scuttling.  Bradford drew praise last season, but according to QBER that praise was largely unearned.

Stafford 30.55
Rodgers 29.71
Kolb 29.51
Smith 29.21
Newton 23.01
Fitzptrck 22.66
Brees 19.95
Schaub 19.62
McCown 18.88
Romo 17.94
Cutler 17.26
Flacco 16.54
Rivers 15.71
Hsslbeck 15.21
Grossman 15.17
Freeman 14.58
Sanchez 13.99
Ryan 13.76
Vick 12.62
Manning 11.77
Collins 9.55
Bradford 8.88
Dalton 8.75
McCoy 7.95
Rthliesbger 7.17
Jackson 6.57
Cassell 4.68
McNabb 3.11

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