NFL Week Two Quarterback Efficiency Ratings

Below are the Quarterback Efficiency Ratings (QBER:  Passing Yards + Rushing Yards – (30 x interceptions) – Sack Yards / Sacks + Incompletions) for every Quarterback who started a game in Week Two of the 2011 NFL Season.  QBER is a derivative of David Berri’s QB Score, which you can read about in the books The Wages of Wins and Stumbling on Wins.  In 12 of the 16 games played this weekend, the team with the more efficient QB by QBER standards prevailed.

Brady 37.54
Campbell 29.61
Roethlisberger 29.01
Hasselbeck 27.33
Vick 26.33
Rodgers 25.66
Rivers 24.92
Romo 24.28
Brees 22.01
Freeman 19.63
Dalton 19.56
Schaub 19.01
Sanchez 18.87
McCoy 18.81
Newton  16.68
Stafford 16.51
McNabb 16.01
Orton 15.41
Fitzpatrick 14.27
Kolb 12.56
Bradford 12.42
Grossman 11.47
Jackson 10.36
Emanning 9.93
AlSmith 8.78
Ryan 8.39
Henne 7.45
Collins 6.89
Flacco 6.21
Cutler  6.18
Cassell 2.88
McOwn -4.78

Brady Magnificent Again

As you can see, Tom Brady had a magnificent weekend.  Cam Newton had a very nice weekend, but by QBER standards, he was not even the best rookie QB (that was the fire headed Andy Dalton of Cincinnati).

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers continued his outstanding play.  He is just a great quarterback.  Rarely does he make questionable decisions with the football, and his accuracy is uncanny.

When will the Kansas City Chiefs bail on the whole Matt Cassell experiment? He sucks!  He has been terrible throughout his KC career, and last week he was just an embarrassment.

Rex Grossman and Alex Smith each resorted to form.  After terrific opening weeks, both QBs fell back to their usual below average standards. 

Why on Earth did the Jacksonville Jaguars opt for this McOwn over their former QB David Gerrard?  Gerrard was an average to above average QB, and McOwn… isn’t.  He was brutal with a capital “B” on Sunday. 



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