Big Ten Week Five Football Power Ranking: Say yes to Michigan

Badger fans are going to jump ugly on me, but my Week Five Big Ten Power Rankings have the Michigan Wolverines on top. 

The Badgers “look” unbeatable, and they were brilliant on Saturday night, but a word of caution.  Before “Uncle Rico” Martinez started tossing the ball everywhere in the 2nd quarter, the Huskers “success rate” was off the charts (meaning 4 yards on 1st, half way on 2nd, first down on 3rd or 4th), and the Badgers was not.  The Badgers really weren’t stopping the Huskers run game, they simply made it irrelevant by steamrolling them with points.

All that said, its only a smidgen of a difference, and I’m not the only analytical ranking that has Michigan on top of Wisconsin.  The two may be on a collision course for Indianapolis.  This is easily the best Wisconsin team of my lifetime, or my mother’s.

Michigan 34.8 -8.4 43.2
Wisconsin 23.9 -17.2 41.1
Michigan St 2.4 -38.6 40.9
Penn State 8.1 -31.2 39.3
Nebraska 14.3 -8.9 23.2
Illinois 5.1 -14.5 19.6
Ohio State -4.7 -14.3 9.6
Iowa 11.2 11.1 0.1
Minnesota -6.1 3.3 -9.4
Northwestern -7.3 4.5 -11.8
Purdue -8.6 11.5 -20.1
Indiana -14.5 9.4 -23.9

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