Nuclear winter (without the NBA) on the horizon

The NBA players just rejected David Stern’s purported final offer, and have announced that they will vote to discertify.  This looks like nuclear winter has fallen upon the NBA.

If you recall from the NFL lockout, the move to decertify tends to lengthen the journey to labor peace, not shorten it.  And, in that sport, the union disbanded well before the season, not two weeks into it.

So an NBAPA decertification at this point would probably make any 2011-12 NBA season unlikely at best. 

Wow, a winter without the NBA.  I never thought I would see it.  Let’s hope smarter heads prevail.  If it happened, many great players would be giving away prime seasons that they cannot ever recover. 

Unfortunately, David Stern knows this.  And speaking of unrecoverables, if we do indeed have NBA nuclear winter, his once sterling reputation will be smudged forever, if it hasn’t already been.


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