Milwaukee Bucks Big Men (besides Jon Leuer) playing poorly

The Bucks are not off to a terrible start.  I predicted they would win 33 games this season, and they project slightly less than that at around 29-30 wins.  And, they’ve had their annual “high altitude” woes already, so things aren’t that miserable.

Except if you look at the play of the Bucks big men.  They have been awful.  Just awful.

Thanks to the great work done by this season, I present an up-to-the-minute Bucks Win Chart (How is MWS calculated?) below.  Because so few games have been played, the wins are projected out over the 66 game season.  If you want to know precise wins and losses produced by each Milwaukee Bucks player to this point, just take the Win66 column and multiply it by 0.15.

WS oppWS MWS W% Wins66
Delfino 10.58 4.38 3.09 1.028 7.0__(-0.2)
Leuer 12.85 6.37 3.24 1.053 5.7__(-0.3)
Jennings 6.41 6.11 0.15 0.528 5.5__4.9
Livingston 5.94 5.71 0.12 0.522 3.2__3.0
Jackson  1.85 4.11 -1.13 0.311 2.9__6.4
Dunleavy 6.85 0.32 3.27 1.057 2.6__(-0.1)
Bogut 11.41 12.34 -0.46 0.423 2.4__3.2
Gooden 10.99 14.19 -1.59 0.231 1.0__3.3
Udrih 3.15 4.67 -0.76 0.373 1.0__1.7
Sanders 8.76 11.29 -1.26 0.288 0.9__2.2
Harris 4.15 4.52 -0.18 0.472 0.6__0.8
Hobson 2.66 -0.89 1.78 0.804 0.4__0.1
Brockman 6.99 16.45 -4.72 -0.299 (-0.2)__0.8
MbahMoute 4.23 19.43 -7.59 -0.589 (-0.5)__1.4
Ilyasova 7.92 21.63 -6.85 -0.493 (-3.0)__9.1
PROJECTED 29.5__36.5


According to the chart, rookie Jon Leuer has taken his place among the long string of Bucks Second Round Hits.  Boy, has he been great so far.  And he doesn’t back down.  Last night the increasingly fat and awful Detroit Piston Jason Maxiell tried to physically intimidate him (and got a “taunting” technical for his effort).  It didn’t phase Leuer.  It seems we all missed on him.  He’s got a terrific shooting touch, and he hustles like a man with his hair on fire.

The other player who has been terrific is the perenially underrated Carlos Del-Three-No.  According to Marginal Win Score, Delfino has been one of the Bucks best win producers for the last several seasons, but I would venture to guess that most Bucks fans regard him as nothing more than a “nice” player.  He is much more than that, AntlerNation.

Still keeping on the “glass half-full” portion of this post, Brandon Jennings has stepped up his productivity.  He’s still not a great shooter, but now he has become a +0.500% win producer.  I think that will be about his ceiling as an NBA baller.  He just can’t convert scoring opps into points.  And he uses a lot of scoring opps.

Now, to the gruesome news.  C Andrew Bogut, when he has played, has played poorly.  His numbers have regressed to his rookie season.  He is not shutting down fellow big men, and he can no longer come close to scoring efficiently.  He doesn’t get “easy makes” and his free throw shooting is awful.  Making matters worse, counterpart big men are rebounding on him at will.  This disturbing trend began early in preseason when Kevin Love abused Bogut on the boards, and it has continued.

That’s the good news for the Bucks big men.  The bad news is that Drew Gooden and Larry Sanders are no better.  The ugly news is Ersan Ilyasova.

Ersan:  the lockout is over!! You can start hoopin’ anytime now.

Ersan is currently, probably, the worst player in the NBA.  And this was a guy who was basically a slightly above average win producer ever since his return from Europe a few seasons ago.  Now, he’s a joke.  We have to assume he will get better.  He needs to shoot better, rebound better, and…. ahh, you might think about boxing out your opponents and just attempting to play a smidge of defense.  At the moment opponents are rebounding at will on him and scoring at will.  It needs to stop, or, better yet it needs to be Leuer Time in Milwaukee.

A few closing comments.  Stephen Jackson has been horribly inefficient, but his defense is top notch.  Same with the other rookie, Tobias Harris, and with the other newcomer, Beno Udrih.  There might be some hope yet for Harris.  Maybe he will be a Bucks first rounder who actually pans out.

For now, if the Bucks can just get some decent play from their Bigs, they might make the play-offs in the competitive Eastern Conference.  But they need that decent play to start immediately.


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