Has Skiles lost the Bucks locker room?

During the rocky Scott Skiles Era in Milwaukee, two things were constant: the Bucks played horrible offense and winning defense.  So far this season, the team has given up on defense, and Team Attendance is way, way down.  It could be time for Skiles to go.

The NBA Team Win Score Average in 2011-12 is 39.44.  The Bucks Team Win Score Average is 34.69, so they’re playing losing offense.  The Bucks Opponent Win Score Average is 44.91, so now unlike the recent past, the Bucks are matching their putrid offense with an equally putrid defense.

Here is a Position-by-Position Milwaukee Bucks Breakdown:

Position BUCKS OPP   PosMWS
PG 6.49 7.89   -0.141
SG 4.53 3.61   0.092
SF 3.89 6.96   -0.307
PF 11.01 13.98   -0.297
C 8.77 12.06   -0.329
TEAM: 34.69 44.51 MWS: -0.982
      W%: 0.336
      Project: 4.4__8.6
      Actual: 4.0__9.0

Bucks losing 4 of 5 positions

As you can see, the Bucks are making “Loss Contributions” at 4 of the 5 positions.  The only position the team is winning is SG, manned by Carlos Delfino.  Everywhere else the team is getting outplayed.  The worst position is the Center position, where Andrew Bogut’s absence has led to a defensive letdown of major proportions.

Another factor at play has been the knee tendonitis suffered by Luc Richard Mbah Moute.  His defensive presence at PF and SF has been missed.

But, it could simply be that the Bucks just don’t want to do it the Skiles Way anymore.  It could be a full-out mutiny.  This has happened to Skiles in the past when he coached Phoenix and Chicago.   The surest indication that Skiles was Dead Man Walking was below average defense.  We have that now in Milwaukee.  Ready the gallows?

The sad part of the story, but the part that is in keeping with recent Bucks history, is that the Bucks never enjoyed a period of sustained excellence under Skiles, as they had enjoyed in Phoenix and Chicago.  Apart from the charge the team made two seasons ago after the All-Star break, its been all losing basketball in Milwaukee.

Now the fans are staying away.  How long can Skiles last? 




One Response to “Has Skiles lost the Bucks locker room?”

  1. Dre Says:

    Is it easy to do these by position for every team? It is definitely fascinating to see where teams “win” based on position.

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