Laying out the problems of the Milwaukee Bucks

This season is doing a phenomenal job of updating theirPlayer Production pages, so I am able to keep a more constant Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart using Marginal Win Score as the determinative metric.  This morning I completed the lastest Chart — through Game 13.

 13 games
BUCKS WS DWS MWS W% Wins66 W>0.5% Value66
Delfino 8.41 3.22 2.59 0.943 6.7__0.4 3.2 9.9
Livingston 6.34 4.94 0.69 0.621 3.7__2.3 0.7 4.4
Leuer 11.66 10.42 0.62 0.608 3.2__2.1 0.5 3.7
Jennings 7.04 8.02 -0.49 0.419 4.1__5.8 -0.8 3.3
Dunleavy 6.59 0.41 3.09 1.027 1.9__0.0 0.9 2.8
Harris 5.69 6.65 -0.47 0.421 1.0__1.5 -0.2 0.8
Udrih 3.43 4.81 -0.69 0.385 1.1__1.9 -0.4 0.7
Bogut 11.23 13.72 -1.24 0.291 1.6__4.0 -1.2 0.4
Sanders 7.09 9.25 -1.07 0.319 1.0__2.0 -0.9 0.1
Brockman 10.47 16.92 -3.22 -0.044 0.0__1.2 -0.6 -0.6
MbahMoute 4.23 19.43 -7.59 -0.589 (-0.4)__1.1 -0.7 -1.1
Hobson -6.67 2.46 -4.56 -0.271 (-1.0)__1.8 -1.4 -2.4
Jackson  1.71 6.46 -2.37 0.099 0.9__8.0 -3.5 -2.6
Gooden 8.29 15.42 -3.56 -0.102 (-0.4)__4.5 -2.4 -2.8
Ilyasova 9.56 18.43 -4.43 -0.249 (-1.5)__7.4 -4.4 -5.9
PROJECTED Proj 21.9__44.1 -11.2 10.7
Present 4.3__8.7
Actual 4.0__9.0

Carlos Delfino and Shaun Livingston:

Thus far, the only two Bucks who are performing up to expectation are Carlos Delfino and Shaun Livingston.  Livingston has been an excellent pick-up.  He is a much better pure point guard than Brandon Jennings, and his length can give counterpart Gs fits.

Jon Leuer:  This week Jon Leuer fell back to Earth, although since I did not even think he would make the team, his +0.500% win production qualifies as one of the few pleasant surprises for the 2011-12 Bucks.

Tobias Harris: Harris is doing a bit better than I projected he would do last June.  He shows promise.

Andrew Bogut:  Is Bogut on the downslide?  Ever since his gruesome injury two seasons ago, he cannot score effectively, and now both his defense and rebounding are declining rapidly.

Luc Moute:  One of the big reasons the Bucks are in decline is the tendonitis injury to the knee of Luc Moute.  Unfortunately, having had the same injury, I’m guessing Luc won’t be 100% for the rest of the season.

Ersan Ilyasova:  Ilya’s horrendous start put himself into a huge ditch that he is just now starting to dig out of.  He is still way underwater, but not way in the abyss he was in last week.  Still, the team was counting on him being something like a 0.500% player, and he hasn’t even been close.

Mike Dunleavy:  Dunleavy is the real hope for the season.  If they can get him back healthy and playing a lot of minutes, he will make a big difference.

Stephen Jackson:  If you follow this blog, you will know that Marginal Win Score dislikes Stephen very much.  He has been a terribly unproductive player for the last three seasons at least.  He has been even worse this season, and he is the Bucks second most used player.  A terrible acquisition by Hammond.

Brandon Jennings:  Jennings is what he is.  He has always been, and will always be a slightly below 0.500% win producer, until his quickness leaves him and then he will be out of the Association.  Its sad to see that the PG the Bucks passed on, the proven and fully vetted Ty Lawson, is now blossoming into a top tier NBA player.  Once again, people get enamored with “athleticism” when in fact it is basketball proficiency that matters.

Beno Udrih:  Another very uninspired acquisition by John Hammond.  Udrih is a below average player and doesn’t help the Bucks one iota.

Larry Sanders: Sanders is a bit improved over last season, but still another first round bust.  The only hope for him going forward is if he puts on weight and transforms himself into an Ervin Johnson, lunchpail center.  The problem is he still envisions himself as a go-to player and he is not.


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