Team Chemistry?? Huh?? The Onion figured out what ESPN can’t seem to grasp

This morning, in analyzing the New York Knicks potential for success, Mike Greenberg of ESPN said he thought it was unlikely the New York Knicks would “gel” until next season.   What the hell does that even mean… gel???  Are they going to spontaneously coagulate?  (and his partner pointed out the obvious logical flaw — the Knicks are likely to turn over their roster before then).

The idiots on ESPN go on and on and on about “team chemistry”.  Its utter nonsense.  As Professor Berri has pointed out ad nauseam, in the sport of basketball it’s generally physical talent that wins games, not any sort of chemical reaction that occurs between teammates.  ESPN can’t get that.  They just love these idiotic chemical or psychological evaluations of sports team success or failure (“they really get it now” or “they got hot at the right time”) when that success or failure is more than likely explained by a simple lack of comparative talent or productivity.

ESPN cannot get that.  (My favorite example of ESPN illogic was provided by analyst Skip Bayless on the Super Bowl Sunday edition of the opinion show “First and Ten”.  Bayless predicted a New England victory.  He said the Giants were perfectly positioned to win except for the fact that they had beaten the Patriots earlier in the season so they were “overconfident” and that would lose as a result of the detrimental psychological effects brought on by their previous victory over the same team!)  Somehow, the Madison, Wisconsin born satirical newspaper The Onion does.

Check out the great spoof.


One Response to “Team Chemistry?? Huh?? The Onion figured out what ESPN can’t seem to grasp”

  1. YBT Says:

    LMAO! Well ESPN has to fill the time frame up with something, since…well, you know, the extreme lack of in-depth analysis.

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