Quette, Murray State… feel free to mix in a drive to the bucket

Its late Saturday afternoon, the NCAA tourney is on, and I’m trying to get this stupid Brief written (as you can tell by my numerous micro posts– I’m a procrastinator).  I’ve got writer’s block so I’m following the Marquette/Murray State matchup on ESPN.com.

I’m looking at the box score for both teams, and they are oddly identical.  Each team has 25 shots from the field and TWO free throw attempts each!!  Charlie Villanueva thinks they should settle for jumpers a little less!

And, without even seeing a single play (I’m heading home) I can tell that each team is extremely nervous.  They are hoisting outside jumpers, and their extremely low assist and offensive rebound totals tell me each team is playing the kind of soft, one-on-one basketball that you play when your legs are still a little rubbery from the lactic acid and the old nerves.  You know what I mean?  You ever have that feeling at your rec league?  Nobody’s quite “in to” the game right away, so its sloppy and its bad shot after bad shot.  Sooner or later everyone settles in and starts to play meat-and-potatoes, aggressive basketball.

I’m interested to see which way this game turns when that happens.  Enjoy your St Patty’s Day!!! Signing off!

Go Bucky!!


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