What has happened to Jared Sullinger?

I’m at work right now, but I’m following the Ohio State-Gonzaga box score.  The game is close at the moment for one reason — Gonzaga is dominating the boards.

This is quite surprising because Ohio State features C Jared Sullinger, who looked like a sure fire NBA prospect coming into this season.  Today, when his team really needs him to hit the boards, he has 3 rebounds!  So much for being the next Truck Robinson!

Indeed, a few weeks ago I watched him get dominated by Wisconsin’s D League big men, and then against Michigan State he looked slow, fat, and his legs seemed to have no spring at all.  What has happened to that great prospect?  Are his knees sound?

At this point he has gotten completely boat-raced by the big man from Kentucky, Anthony Davis.  What a dynamo that guy is.  The only criticism I have with him is that goddamn uni-brow.  Now I almost never make personal appearances blog fodder (unless its something that’s readily changeable like a unibrow), but for some reason it bothers the hell out of me.  It makes Davis look like a cartoon character, specifically that minor character the “Gangster Baby” from The Simpsons.  You know who else he looks a bit like?  Remember “The Count” from Sesame Street?  Doesn’t he?  But, damn he’s a hell of a player.  If you give him the normal haircut in shooting percentage and rebounding, he still projects as a way above average professional player.

Milwaukee… maybe????  We have a need for a big man.  Of course, it won’t happen.  We’ll get this year’s Kent Benson… hey, that could be Jared Sullinger!!


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