Win Score tells you how the game is really going

I picked up a little trick following the games from my office computer.  Its not scientific but its seems to work.

If you want to know how a game is really going, ignore the point total, click on the score to take you to the Box Score, and then calculate each team’s Win Score.  (Pts – FGAs – .5FTAs + Rebs + Steals + .5Assists – Turnovers – .5PFs).  That seems to be a better indicator as to how the game will progress at any point.

For instance, in my two upsets, Harvard and Texas, each team got down big but then rallied.  But even when they got close on the scoreboard, the Win Score was decidedly in the opponents favor, meaning both teams were playing uphill.  Both ended up having their opponents pull away for decisive victories.

Yesterday in the Alabama-Creighton game, Alabama seemed to build a comfortable lead on the scoreboard, but I believe Creighton maintained a slight edge on the Win Score board, and the game did indeed tighten.   In the Florida-Virginia game, Virginia had an early lead, but they were getting pummeled on the Win Score board and eventually the game tilted the other way.

Right now, Gonzaga and Ohio State seem to be in a see-saw battle at the half.   But Ohio State is winning the Win Score battle.  Let’s see if Ohio State can translate that onto the scoreboard.




One Response to “Win Score tells you how the game is really going”

  1. bballpants Says:

    Win Score is on v2 now. Reb are split into def and offensive. Offensive is still a 1.0 coeff, DREBS have a .5
    Namely defensive rebounds are worth half as much because sometimes you get fed it, and sometimes the enemy team doesn’t contest it as much.

    Rebound Adjusted Win Score


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