My quick take on the NBA Draft Picks

Here are my quick, disjointed thoughts on the NBA Draft:

… Anthony Davis looks like a sure thing, but there is not such thing, but he’s close

…I’ve got Gilchrist pretty high up in my rankings, but there were better players available at 2

…Shooting Guards are iffy, but with that said, Beal looks pretty productive

…Not wowed by the Cavs Dion Waiters choice.  First, he wasn’t real productive at Syracuse.  Second, he played at Syracuse “Bust U”

…Kings pick Robinson — Great choice

…Lillard is actually a decent choice.  Really never heard of the guy until I did my calculations, but he’s 9th on my list

…I think Harrison Barnes will be a complete washout.  Underproductive and his standing reach is very poor for his position

…Ross — again, SG are iffy because they rely so much on efficient shooting, but like Beal, Ross was productive in college.  So, roll the dice.

…Drummond — why Detroit???????

…Austin Rivers– guaranteed bust / at least NO acquired Davis number one, because this is a terrible choice.  He will shoot them out of game after game, and he’s weak and he’s too light, and his standing reach is less than mine!!!

…Meyers Leonard — wow, three terrible choices in a row.  They say bad things happen in threes.

…Jeremy Lamb — Check that, bad things happen in fours.  Hasn’t LeBron taught us the value of strength??

…Ken Marshall — not that impressive at UNC, but if there is one position that will outperform college numbers its PG.  But he doesn’t fit the mold of the overperformer.

…Harkless — pretty nice choice.  Very productive.  The Sixers are on the rise.



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