NBA Draft Prospect Rankings on my LiveJournal

Because I am a little frustrated with some of the limitations of WordPress, I have posted my ranking and analysis of tonight’s NBA Draft prospects on an alternate site.  I rank the prospects according to their college Win Score compared to the NBA average Win Score at their projected position.

Hint:  I wouldn’t touch Austin Rivers or Andre Drummond or Harrison Barnes, but Anthony Davis looks strong as does a surprisingly productive prospect from Marquette.


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3 Responses to “NBA Draft Prospect Rankings on my LiveJournal”

  1. bballpants Says:

    what limitations are you talking about. putting charts up? I put those up allthe time on my site.

  2. bballpants Says:

    Here’s what you do. You go to google docs, make a chart, download as HTML, select the graph with your mouse, paste into wordpress visual editor.

    Then you have to dive into the HTML and out in table border=1
    Add in some div style overflow: scroll

    But WordPress does have a lot of limitations if I had to do it over again I’d have gone over to blogspot.

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