Bucks last two first rounders excel in Summer League

The Milwaukee Bucks, a team in desperate need of any kind of hope, may have gotten some out of the Orlando Summer League.

The Bucks last two first round picks, SF Tobias Harris and PF John Henson, played excellent basketball.  Henson was particularly outstanding, posting a Win Score average of 13.11, whereas Harris posted a very respectable 9.48 WS.

I still think Henson, who is rail thin, needs to put on some muscle.  But if he posts offensive rebound numbers next winter like he posted this summer, I really don’t care.

As for Harris, he actually continued the impressive production he showed as a rookie.  Last season he posted an unexpectedly high WS of 8.76, but he struggled on the other end, posting a too high DWS of 9.26 for a negative MWS of -0.24 (I’ll post the Bucks entire Win Chart in my next post).  But that’s to be expected from a rookie, especially one so young.

Now, if the Bucks can get superior production out of the two forward positions, and Jennings continues his ascent…

2 Responses to “Bucks last two first rounders excel in Summer League”

  1. Shareef Says:

    I follow North Carolina basketball quite closely: Henson is a steal . He has steadily added weight since HS and I imagine he will continue under NBA conditioning programs.

  2. Ty Willihnganz Says:

    He looked great in Summer League… I can’t think of who he reminds me of… much more polished offensive game than reports led me to believe… just goes to show what “reports” are worth 🙂

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