Milwaukee Bucks lacking a top part

The Milwaukee Bucks seem to have assembled a good collection of slightly above average to middling players, but they if you check out their Win Chart, they have no players that contributed anything near superstar value.

Click Here for 2011-12 Bucks Win Chart

Ilyasova, Jennings, and Dunleavy (when healthy)

The team can take solace in the improvement shown by Ersan Ilyasova and Brandon Jennings.  Each player posted his best numbers of his career so far.

I thought Ilyasova’s improved numbers were perhaps driven by additional defensive rebounds he grabbed in the absence of former Bucks C Andrew Bogut, but that was not true.  Ilyasova actually had about the same defensive rebounding rate.  His improvement came from offensive rebounding and much improved shooting from every spot on the court.  Can he maintain his improved FG%?  I kind of doubt it, but then again, its possible.  But his rebounding alone makes him valuable.  If he could just improve his defense…

Why was Brandon Jennings better?  Because he finally learned how to finish at the rim.  For his entire career I’ve been saying that if he could find a way to complete plays at the rim his numbers would go up and they did.  He was also much more careful with the basketball.  His turnover rate plummeted.

Harris looked promising

Rookie Tobias Harris was far more productive than I thought he would be.   He was an outstanding field goal shooter and free throw shooter, and he got to the line often.  He also proved willing to roll up his sleeves and get to the rebounds.  What he didn’t do was play defense, but that should come.  The early signs look promising.

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