11 Prospects aaannnd the Summer League

Bennedict Mathurin WAYYYY outplayed my projections in a small sample size


The Summer League is over. It is a VERY small sample size, yet it is interesting nonetheless. Below I list the top 10 draft picks (and the Bucks pick) who played at least 10 minutes of action and their projected ”Opp Berri” based on the team that drafted them and the position I project them to play.


Keegan Murray was exactly the ”safe bet” I and others believed he was going into the NBA Draft. But Indiana Pacers G/F Bennedict Mathurin and Detroit Pistons G Jaden Ivey were extremely productive. Top pick Paolo Bonchero and Jabari Smith were not as productive, though Bonchero — in limited time — showed a surprising amount of playmaking ability. Wisconsin Badger G and Washington Wizard draftee Johnny Davis really struggled in limited time, as did Bucks draftee Marjon Beauchamp, although a WNBA executive who is a friend of mine and who was in Vegas for the Summer League told me he looked ”raw but spectacular”.

Here is the Win Chart:

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