How MWS48 is calculated (step-by-step)

Last summer I wrote a series of posts illustrating the simple calculation of Marginal Win Score using Kenyon Martin’s career as my example.  Below I repost the four charts that show how its done.

In sum, its simply the player’s Win Score minus his opponent’s Win Score divided by two.  But for easier understanding I break the Win Score statistics down into three components:  Scoring, Possessionary Stats, and then Secondary Stats.  The first two are equally important, but you can make hay in the third area as well.

If you get a guy who’s productive in all three areas, you usually have a superstar like LeBron James or Larry Bird.

1. Step One:  “Effective Scoring” (How do you compare to your opponents when it comes to turning possessions into points?)

2. Step Two: “Possessionary Stats” (“How do you compare to your opponents when it comes to keeping and getting the ball back for your team?”

3. Step Three: “Secondary Stats” (“How do you compare to your opponents in the indirectly beneficial areas?”)

4. Step Four: Putting it All Together


2 Responses to “How MWS48 is calculated (step-by-step)”

  1. brgulker Says:

    Thanks, Ty. Appreciate it.

  2. Milwaukee Bucks Big Men (besides Jon Leuer) playing poorly « The Courtside Analyst Says:

    […] to the great work done by this season, I present an up-to-the-minute Bucks Win Chart (How is MWS calculated?) below.  Because so few games have been played, the wins are projected out over the 66 game […]

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