*2009-10 NBA WIN CHARTS*

2009-10 NBA TEAM Win Charts

(click on the team name to see their chart for the 2009-10 season)


Boston Celtics   50-32

Toronto Raptors  40-42

New York Knickerbockers  29-53

Philadelphia 76ers  27-55

New Jersey Nets  12-70


Cleveland Cavaliers  61-21

Milwaukee Bucks 46-36

Chicago Bulls  41-41

Indiana Pacers 32-50

Detroit Pistons 27-55


Orlando Magic  59-23

Atlanta Hawks  53-29

Miami Heat  47-35

Charlotte Bobcats  44-38

Washington Wizards 26-56


Utah Jazz  53-29

Denver Nuggets  53-29

Portland Trailblazers  50-32

Oklahoma City Thunder 50-32

Minnesota Timberwolves   15-67


Los Angeles Lakers  57-25

Phoenix Suns  54-28

Los Angeles Clippers  29-53

Golden State Warriors  26-56

Sacramento Kings  25-57


Dallas Mavericks  55-27

San Antonio Spurs  50-32

Houston Rockets  42-40

Memphis Grizzlies   40-42

New Orleans Hornets  37-45

All calculations done and copyrights owned by CourtsideAnalyst.
Statistics compiled using data from 82games.com and Basketball-Reference.com

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