Rock Talk Jayhawk!! Kansas saved my bacon, again

Due to picking Florida to get to the Elite Eight and Kansas to the Final Four, my bracket pulled a Lazarus in the last four days.  It went from the 37th percentile after the Round of 32 to the 90th percentile after the Elite Eight.  I got 5 of 8 in the Elite Eight and 3 of 4 in the Final Four.  Unfortunately, my winner was Michigan St.  Why why why…

I still have an outside shot to run down President Obama’s pool.  He’s got 860 points and is in the 96th percentile and has been holding there since the Opening Round I believe.  But, he’s only got one win out there, and it is the opposite of the one win I have.  So if OSU wins and KU loses, I’ll boat race him.  But that’s an outside shot at best, because both Kentucky and Kansas looked mighty tough this weekend.  Its setting up to be an epic Championship Monday match-up.

One celebrity participant who is in line to take a monster leap forward is the Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo.  At the moment, he is down in the 30th percentile, kind of where I was last weekend.  However, he has both Kansas and Kentucky in the Finals, and of course, he has Kentucky winning it (his alma).  I would say that is probably the likeliest scenario.  If it happens he would fly by me, Obama, and everyone.


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