Tony Allen would be a huge addition to the Bucks

The untalked about aspect in the Celtics upset of the Cavaliers, well untalked about outside the WoW Journal, was the superior use of personnel by Glenn “Doc” Rivers, and the sheer idiocy of Cavaliers coach Mike Brown.

I could go on and on bashing that sychophant Brown (where the hell was Jamario Moon???!!) but instead I’ll take the high road and praise the Good Doctor. 

Obviously he benefitted enormously from the availability of Kevin Garnett, but two other things have truly impressed me.

One is the absolute deletion of Brian Scalabrine, the human “Loss Credit”.  Why Rivers played him in the first place is beyond me.

Second, though, is Rivers reinsertion into the lineup of G Tony Allen, an unsung Marginal Win Score hero.  As my forthcoming numbers will show, he has been one of the more productive Boston Celtic players, and he was that way last season as well (and the season before that).  Now he’s beginning to get some appreciation.

But his brother, the UW-M recruit, hints that the recognition may be too little too late.  It appears that one of the reasons the younger Allen chose the Panthers is because of the possibility of his bro landing in Milwaukee

Huge, huge addition if that happens.  Wait for my 2010 NBA Win Charts coming soon (I’m finished with 19 now, 11 to go).  They will illustrate what a hidden treasure Allen is.

Oh, next post will be on the possibility of the Bucks drafting this white guy from Butler Gordon Heyward.  Is he Adam Morisson Redux, or is he closer to Mike Dunleavy Jr.?

4 Responses to “Tony Allen would be a huge addition to the Bucks”

  1. Blake Says:

    I would imagine Hayward is a lot like Dunleavy, as he isn’t the chucker that Morrison is.

  2. palamida Says:

    The reason Morrison was a poor prospect (and a very poor NBA player) has more to do with his lack of “peripheral” contributions, i.e – doesn’t rebound, steal, block, or assist nearly enough, than with him being a “chucker”.

  3. tywill33 Says:

    Correctomundo Palamida… but you stepped on my punchline!!

    Also, Morrison was less of a shooter than he seemed, or rather, he was somehow getting two point shots in college that are not available to him in the pros. We can see from his free throw percentage as well as his wavering 3 point percentage that he was not a pure shooter.

    Plus, Morrison never projected as anything more than an average pro even if he would have hit his potential. Hayward may be a bit better.

    • palamida Says:

      Just keep gunning (hoping) for Whiteside, I think there’s a reasonable chance he’ll inexplicably drop low enough for u guys to nab him.

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